EXCLUSIVE: Brie Larson Recalls Backstage Moment With Emma Stone After Her Emotional Oscar Win

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Brie Larson shared with ET's Cameron Mathison what it's like for her and pal Emma Stone to both be Oscar winners.

At the 89th Academy Awards, cameras caught the starlets sharing an emotional hug backstage after Stone, 28, won Best Actress for her role in La La Land. Last year, Larson won Best Actress for her role in Room.

"It's so strange because I think it's such a surreal moment," she said of winning an Oscar. "It was surreal for me last year, it was surreal for me this year, as a way of this kind of cycle closing and this new one starting of my friend that I love so much."

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The 27-year-old actress admitted that she "didn't realize" she was being "photographed from every angle" when she congratulated Stone backstage, but she's happy to have the moment captured. "I'm so proud of her," she shared with ET while at the Los Angeles premiere of Kong: Skull Island on Wednesday. "I'm grateful that there's a photo to prove that, because what better than a day like International Women's Day to say women love each other. We support each other through everything."

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Larson also offered a deeper meaning behind her upcoming movie and the fascination with King Kong. "It's about man and it's need to dominate and control, to be the best, to be on top and be alpha," she explained. "Then learning through the course of the film -- or through the course of their life -- that it's actually not what's going to make you the best."

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She added, "It's about unity, it's about peace, it's about working together. That's my take on it."

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10.

In the meantime, here's a look at Larson's emotional moment with Stone at the Oscars:

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