Why Channing Tatum Shouldn't Be Upset He Was Snubbed at the Golden Globes this Year

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Dear Channing Tatum, 

So bad news: both the Golden Globes and SAG Awards released their list of nominees and strangely enough your name didn’t make the cut. At all!

This was extremely distressing considering how amazing you were in Foxcatcher. We know Steve Carell is getting tons of attention for his fake nose, but you completely transformed on screen as Olympic champion Mark Schultz.

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And not just that! You took you also explored new depths in this film. You were shockingly flawed and not the Channing we know and love off screen and in interviews. As Mark, you were woefully despondent (and in desperate need of a huge hug).


That scene where you were completely shattered and destroyed your hotel room, gorged on an inconceivable amount of food, and smashed your face into the mirror – oh my god! It wasn’t anything we’ve ever seen from you. It was #SoTragic


But Channing, don’t despair. We can’t see you sad anymore.

In fact, we are super excited about next year. You know what we’re talking about: Magic Mike XXL, the upcoming stripper odyssey starring you, your buddies Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer.


The film that will see with that sexy body that made you People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2012.


The same film that will get your body moving and shaking and bumping and grinding!


The one that will show off your incredible smile and Southern charm.


The film that will serve as your victory lap for an outstanding career and year that saw you challenge what everyone thought and knew about you as an actor.


And with Matthew McConaughey out of the way – and the recognition that you are more than just a pretty face – maybe we’ll see your name among the list of nominees in the near future.

To Magic Mike XXL sweeping the Golden Globes Musical or Comedy rounds in 2016!


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