Oscars Flashback '86: Oprah's Jumping for Joy


Oprah Winfrey's film career was short-lived but fulfilling for her, as she received critical acclaim on her first film. After she found out of her Oscar nomination, Oprah couldn't help herself but jump for joy let out an elated scream.

In 1986, Oprah was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her supporting role in the period drama The Color Purple. In what retrospectively seems uncharacteristic for the now-highly-respected media mogul, she can't help but giggle with glee as she thinks about the honor.

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"I can't decide if this is the most exciting or the second-most exciting [moment in my life]," she says in the flashback. "The most exciting, I think, was hearing Steven Spielberg say, 'You've got the part.' Now, that was just out of this world, but you heard about that cow who jumped over the moon? I think I met him just a few minutes ago. God, it's great. It's a great feeling."

At that point in time, Oprah was months away from premiering her new talk show, which became the gold-standard for all talk shows. When asked if she'll be able to juggle her careers as talk show host and actress, she responds, "Watch me."

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In a daze of excitement from the nomination, she has to pause and think when asked what she thinks her chances are of winning a statuette.

"I hadn't even thought that far," she admits. "I try to live for the moment and right now this moment's too good to pass up."

Oprah's wisdom was in full force. She didn't win the Oscar.