Ayesha Curry on Building Her Empire and Celebrating 10-Year Wedding Anniversary With Steph (Exclusive)

The 32-year-old cookbook author invited ET inside her new Sweet July store in Oakland, California.

Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry have been #relationshipgoals for over a decade, and amid successful careers and exciting new projects, their love for each other keeps getting stronger!

Ahead of the couple's 10-year wedding anniversary on July 30, ET caught up with Ayesha about her new store, her her magazine and all-things family life, including what qualities she loves most about her NBA star husband. The two are parents to three kids together, daughters Riley, 8, and Ryan, 5, and son Canon, 2.

"We're celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer, so like -- we've grown up together, in every sense of the word," Ayesha told ET's Nischelle Turner. "My support is his support, vice versa. It's like we hold each other up. We hold each other accountable. And when when I have those days where I feel like I want to give up, he is always there to be like, 'Nope! Put on your clothes.'"

"We said in the pandemic, you really learn if you like somebody or not," she added. "I said, 'Ooh, we really like each other. This is good.' We've done a lot, obviously, of date nights in and we've had new ways to reinvent date night. For us it’s very important just as a time to reconnect."

Ayesha admitted that now being a mom to three, she and Steph definitely "have our hands full." 

"They're very different. Riley, the oldest, she is very nurturing to Canon. Almost like a mini-mom," Ayesha shared. "And Ryan and Canon, I can see them growing up and being best friends, they play really well together. Ryan tries to love on him but he's just not feeling it. He just wants to play and build forts and jump on her. So two very different dynamics, it's so interesting to see."

"On most days the Curry kitchen is a mess and I'm OK with that," she continued, telling ET that her girls especially love to help out with the cooking. "They love everything about it. I mean, they're in there when I'm not making a mess of everything. I get so upset, I'm like, 'What? You cannot ... stop baking cakes in the microwave.' Like, 'I know you saw this on YouTube, but, like, let's just stop.' They're so creative and experiment. I just love it, most days."

Ayesha's ET interview took place at Sweet July, her newly opened boutique store and café in Oakland, California. The shop features everything from a coffee bar to a jewelry store, along with hand-crafted kids clothing, linens, nail polish, stationary and scented candles.

"I wanted it to be a place where it feels like home where you can chill and relax. I literally cannot believe it," Ayesha said, of opening up her dream store. "I walk in and it's just the same feeling every time, like, 'Wow, this really came to fruition.' And it's here, in the Oakland community, which meant so much to me."

"I'm really grateful to be honest. I finally feel like I'm in the right space and doing what I want to do and it feels good," she continued. "I don't want to sound all Marie Kondo but this brings me joy. I feel happy working every day and having this as my little work baby."

Additionally, Ayesha is also the founder of Sweet July magazine, which highlights her unique perspective on food, entertainment, female empowerment, community, self-care and more. She told ET that the name holds a special meaning to her and her family.

"All three of my kids were born in July, and me and my husband were married in July. So it's just like this tremendous time of joy," she shared. "I was like, 'Why can't we feel like that every day?' Sweet July is a mantra for people to take action, to find those moments in life where they have this overwhelming [sense of] joy, and kind of pick it apart a little bit and find ways to bring that feeling into their everyday life."

"For me it can be as simple as a cup of coffee," she added. "It's just a constant reminder to find that joy and gratitude in the small things."

For more on Ayesha and her family, watch the video below.