Aziz Ansari Reveals He's Completely Disconnected From the Internet, Stopped Using Email 4 Years Ago

Aziz Ansari
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

The comedian tells Kevin Hart that he considered his 'mental diet.'

Aziz Ansari has really disconnected. The Master of None creator shares on the latest episode of SiriusXM's Comedy Minds With Kevin Hart that he has completely removed himself from social media.

“However many years ago, I kind of started turning off the internet and, you know, I deleted all social media and all this stuff,” he tells his fellow comedian. “And I've slowly just kept going further and further.” 

The social media detox didn’t just stop with the apps. The 38-year-old actor reveals that he even went as far as not checking his emails.

“I stopped using email maybe, like, four years ago,” he says. “And I mean, look, I know all this stuff is like, oh yeah, I'm in a position where I can do that and have, you know, whatever certain privileges to be able to pull it off. An assistant or whatever.” 

Ansari went on to say that logging off completely has its benefits. “But all that stuff I do I think helps me get more done, kinda taking care of stuff or whatever, whether it's working out or meditating and all that kind of stuff,” he adds. 

“It all kind of, it's almost like I kind of started thinking about, you know, everyone thinks about their diet and what they eat -- at a certain point, it's also about thinking about your mental diet and what you're putting in your head," he notes. "Whether it's like, oh, looking at the same four websites, constantly checking The New York Times 50 times a day. At a certain point, yeah, that's not really helping.” 

Ansari’s interview is one of the few times he has spoken out publicly -- outside of two Netflix specials -- since taking a step away from the spotlight after a woman accused him of sexual misconduct. At the time, the comedian released a statement saying that the duo engaged in sexual activity “which by all indications was completely consensual.”  

In 2019, the Parks and Recreation star also addressed the allegation during his Right Now comedy special.

Meanwhile, the actor is looking toward the future and addressing where he sees himself in five years. “I just want to be creatively fulfilled, and I want to follow your path and have some kids, and have a family and all that,” he tells Hart.  

“And that's enough…. I realize the respect of your peers, the genuine respect of your peers and, you know, we all know when it's genuine. When you or Chris or whoever says, ‘Dude, that's some, that's fire. Like, that's good.’ That to me is the home run,” he adds. 

Ansari’s full episode of Comedy Gold Minds With Kevin Hart will air tonight at 8 p.m. EST on SiriusXM’s Laugh Out Loud Radio Channel 96.