'Bachelor' Alum Taylor Nolan Reveals She's Exploring 'Poly-Type Relationships'

Taylor Nolan BIP
Bob D'Amico via Getty Images

Plus, she and Corinne Olympios reveal the status of their feud.

Taylor Nolan is opening up about her sexuality. The Bachelor alum appeared on Monday night's episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons -- Ever! to recap her time on Nick Viall's 2017 cycle. She also opened up about her current love life, which has expanded to include "poly-type relationships." 

"[I'm] pretty single and safely mingling. It's been a really interesting last kind of two and a half-ish years of experimenting, of exploring what kind of a relationship I want to be in," she told host Chris Harrison. "I've definitely kind of experimented more with poly-type relationships and love doesn't have to present itself in this fairy tale, heterosexual, non-monogamous dynamic. Like, it can look many different ways."

"If you're hot, you're hot," she continued. "Trans people are hot, non-binary people are hot, men are hot, women are hot. It's a full spectrum of attractiveness."

After Viall's season, Nolan went on to appear on Bachelor in Paradise, where she met and fell in love with Derek Peth. The couple got engaged on the reunion show, but ended their engagement about a year later, in June 2018. 

When asked if she's in a relationship now, Nolan told Harrison she wasn't. "But you know, that's what vibrators are for," she said, laughing. "If I'm being honest!" 

Nolan, who is now pursuing a Ph.D in clinical sexology, made waves on The Bachelor as she battled it out with Corinne Olympios, accusing her of lacking "emotional intelligence." The pair rubbed each other the wrong way, and Nolan was eventually sent home on a two-on-one with Olympios. 

"I watched it back for the first time since it aired, and that was, I thought, going to be really, really hard. ... But it was kind of a bit of a mindf**k, because I was being attacked that I was a bully while I was actually being bullied," Nolan said on Monday. "Looking back, I think I was a pretty easy target. I was pretty easy to manipulate and finally at the two-on-one, I think I cracked, and I finally snapped back and stood up for myself... 'I'm not going to take this anymore.' So watching that back, I was like, 'You go, girl!'" 

Nolan said she's still waiting for an apology from Olympios, who refused to offer one at Women Tell All. "It would be great, but I don't have my hopes up for that anytime soon," Nolan said. 

Harrison then caught up with Olympios, who said their two-on-one "still haunts my dreams" -- but not because she has any regrets. 

"We did not get along. It's either, like, you learn to love me, or you just hate me, and she hated me. And that's OK. I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and I totally get that, but then she started saying mean things, which I'm not going to rehash the whole thing... she was attacking my emotional intelligence, which was a huge thing. And it's like, I'm sorry. I don't even think you know what that means," Olympios said. 

The Miami native said she and Nolan "absolutely" do not talk. "I wish her the best. Goodbye, have a great life. Never want to see you again. Thank you very much!" she quipped. 

"At the end of the day, I was brought up the way I was brought up, and ... I would never embarrass myself or someone else or another woman in a situation and I would always be cordial. But do I want that to happen? Am I looking forward to seeing her again? No," she added. 

Olympios then introduced her boyfriend of nearly one year, Vincent Fratantoni, whom she met on Instagram. 

"My life right now is beautiful. I'm so happy," she gushed. "I have an amazing boyfriend and I'm just living life to the fullest. I'm super happy."

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons -- Ever! will conclude on Sept. 7 with an episode highlighting Juan Pablo Galavis' season and Clare Crawley's road to becoming the Bachelorette. See more in the video below.