'Bachelor in Paradise' Episode 5 Recap: Becca, Tia and Kendall Bring Drama to the Beach

A former Bachelorette, an interested single, and an ex walk onto a beach...

Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise is unlike any other. Tuesday night's episode of the ABC dating series saw the arrival of a former Bachelorette, the potential downfall of a new couple, and an ex's beach entrance, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

The episode kicked off with the continuation of Aaron and Thomas' fight, as well as Deandra's love triangle stress. Two shocking goodbyes and an equally surprising arrival came next, before a new woman swooped in on Demi's man.

A game of mostly naked volleyball and a threat to Paradise's strongest couple followed, before a preview that teases more drama to come aired.

Keep reading for a full recap of episode five of Bachelor in Paradise.

Love Triangles Abound

Tuesday's episode got into the drama straightaway, as Thomas and Aaron continued their fight about Tammy.

"The fact that she does that with you and with me is already mind blowing," Aaron said of Tammy kissing Thomas. "Now on the day of the rose ceremony, I haven’t talked to anyone but her, now she’s straddling and kissing the guy I had the most beef with."

"I didn’t know it was going to happen, but I’ll say right now to your face, I’m so f**king glad it did," Thomas replied.

Tammy was quick to pull Aaron after that, explaining to him that she's trying to "work out" her feelings. Aaron, though, still continued to fume.

"I’m humiliated. I’m a laughing stock. It’s a joke… I’m involved with you emotionally. You have a responsibility!" he said. "... “You completely sacrificed everything we had built and you will regret it like no other, I promise you, because he’s not a good person. He’s not. I’ve seen it firsthand."

In a confessional, Aaron continued bashing Tammy, calling her "malicious" and "selfish," before stating that she made him feel like "a f**king idiot."

Even with an apology from Tammy, Aaron thinks her actions were "irredeemable." In her own confessional, Tammy said she felt "terrible" about the situation, but said it wasn't "intentional," before confessing that she wants to pursue things with Thomas.

"Her and Thomas deserve each other," Aaron said. 

Meanwhile, Deandra found herself in her own love triangle, with both Chasen and Karl vying for her affections. After Karl surprised Deandra with a bracelet on Monday night's episode, Chasen tried to one-up that by giving her a necklace.

Deandra appeared to be swayed, as she gave Karl his bracelet back. Karl seemed to take it well, and Deandra even praised him for being mature.

Shortly thereafter, though, Karl said he had "a broken heart" and bashed Chasen as being "fake as f**k." The pair got into an uncomfortable argument, which seemed to turn Deandra off to both of them.

"I want to give Chasen the rose, but I don't know if he’s being genuine in how he feels," she said. "… I just don’t want to get played."

Tre and Tahzjuan Say Goodbye to Paradise

After initially hitting it off in Paradise, Tre made the decision to end things with Tahzjuan on Tuesday night's episode.

"It was a hard decision, but I’m at a place now where I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to be here anymore," Tre admitted in a confessional, before telling Tahzjuan that he doesn't think they're "right for each other." 

Tre didn't feel "completely horrible" about his choice, since Tahzjuan had the rose and was guaranteed another week in Paradise. Tahzjuan, though, had reached her breaking point, proclaiming that she's "done with love" and there are "no options left" for her on the beach.

"This is like my worst nightmare," she said. "… I’m crying. I’m sweating. I’m crying some more."

Becca and Aaron Hit It Off

After Tre and Tahzjuan made their exits, guest host Lance Bass gathered the group for a "big" surprise that was going to "change everything." That surprise ended up being Becca Kufrin, who, with her entrance, became the first former franchise lead to head to Paradise after leading a season.

"The past year, I went through a breakup, went through a pandemic and quarantine, so I came here to fall in love and focus on my potential love story," Becca explained, as Karl, Ivan and Aaron celebrated her arrival, and the girls worried what it could mean for their relationships.

"This is the first Bachelorette in Paradise and also my favorite one," Aaron gushed of Becca. "I have a big crush on Becca." 

After Becca chatted with Ivan and James -- and got a palm reading from Karl -- Aaron got his chance to woo the former Bachelorette, admitting to having "a major crush" on her. Their conversation, Aaron said, "revived" him after his drama with Tammy.

It seems Aaron did enough to convince Becca, as he earned her rose during the rose ceremony. Neither Chasen nor Karl got a rose from Deandra, as she opted to award her flower to Ivan. Connor was also left without a rose at the end of the night, and he left feeling like "no matter what I do, I’m just not good enough."

Tia and Kenny Strip Down

The morning after the rose ceremony, Tia arrived in Paradise ready to move on from her last experience on the beach.

"The last time I was here, I was dating Colton [Underwood], and now he’s navigating dating men," she said of the former Bachelor, who came out as gay in April. "Him saying, 'It’s not you, it’s me,' [was] legitimate." 

James, Ivan and Thomas were all interested in Tia, but she only had eyes for Kenny and asked him on the date, much to Demi's chagrin. 

"I hope they have a terrible f**king time," Demi said after Kenny accepted the date with Tia.

For their date, two women and one man invited Tia and Kenny to play volleyball with them in the "no clothes zone." After the trio stripped down to their birthday suits, Tia removed her bikini top and Kenny took it all off before the game of volleyball broke out.

"I literally read my Bible this morning," Tia said in a confessional. "...  I know being naked is a normal thing, but my parents watch this show. My Bible study watches this show… I have seen [Kenny] in all of his glory. You could say he is the full package and has the full package."

After their mostly nude time together, Tia learned that Kenny and Demi had slept together, which led her to believe that she'd be "murdered in my sleep." That concern didn't stop Tia and Kenny from making out, though. 

While Demi had been putting on a brave face all day and repeatedly said that she believed Kenny would come back to her, as the date wound down, she announced, "If Tia is trying to take my man, I’m going to burn this beach down."

Noah and Abigail Question Their Relationship

While Demi was fretting about her relationship with Kenny, Abigail was doing the same about her romance with Noah. Abigail admitted to her friends that she worried that she and Noah were "friend-zoning each other."

She decided to take her concerns to Noah himself, questioning, "Why are we both holding back?" Noah didn't have an answer for her, but did say, "I don’t normally kiss my friends." 

"At the end of the day, it should be more than just having fun and being friends, even if that sounds kind of sad," an emotional Noah said. "I don’t know. It’s frustrating… It’s hard for me to keep doing things when your response is like, 'Meh.'" 

Abigail said she "didn't realize" that she was "giving off that vibe," but was still left wondering if they were "delaying the inevitable" by staying together. 

Noah seemed surprised by the conversation's turn, and said in a confessional that he planned to "pull back" from the relationship as a result. Noah's response gave Abigail pause, as she worried she "self-sabotaged" something "really good" with him.

Kendall Makes a Beeline for Joe

Joe and Serena largely spent the episode flirting with each other, with both agreeing that they're "the strongest couple" in Paradise.

"I think she really likes me and I think I really like her. I think it’s obvious. I think we’re both on the same page, which is nice," Joe said. "Nothing can get in our way."

That turned out to be not entirely true, though, as Joe's ex, Kendall, whom he met on a previous season of BiP and dated for two years, arrived.

"Joe is the closest thing I ever came to marriage," Kendall said as she made her way down to the beach. "I don’t want to just completely let go of him. I see Paradise as where we began."

"I think my worst fear is walking down and seeing him hold hands with somebody. That would just, like, break me," she continued. "I have love for him, of course. We still loved each other when we broke up, so I don’t know if we ever really stopped having that connection. I definitely miss Joe. I hope he’s excited to see me, 'cause I’m excited to see him."

When Kendall made it to the beach, she opted not to introduce herself to the rest of the cast, and instead walked right up to Joe.

"Hey, Butthead," she said. "You wanna go talk?" 

In a confessional, Joe had just a one-word reaction: "F**k."

'There's a Storm Brewing in Paradise'

The Kendall-Joe-Serena love triangle will continue into next week, as Kendall tells her ex, "It’s difficult for me to not have you be a part of my life."

The situation leaves Serena feeling more "vulnerable" than she ever has before, as Joe acknowledges, "This is gonna be a problem." 

Noah's drama with Abigail will carry on, too, as he tells her, "I’m giving and I’m not getting much in return."

Meanwhile, Mari still has her eye on Kenny, which he "didn't expect." Demi responds to the competition by inviting Kenny to the Boom Boom Room, while Tia laments, "He wasn’t fully transparent about what his intentions are." 

Elsewhere, Pieper makes her Paradise debut, once again bringing up the question as to whether she and Brendan are an item. While Natasha doesn't initially believe the rumors, she calls Brendan "a liar" after he appears to break things off with her in favor of making out with Pieper.

All of the drama leads one woman to exclaim, "There’s a storm brewing here in Paradise."

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