'Bachelor in Paradise' Episode 7 Recap: Multiple Couples Waver as New Connections Form

Tammy and Thomas, Demi and Kenny, and Jessenia and Chris aren't long for Paradise.

No couple is safe in Paradise. On Tuesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, three of the strongest couples on the beach met their downfall, and ET is breaking it all down in the recap below.

A new celebrity host and a VIP party kicked off the episode, but four new women spelled trouble for multiple couples. While two people decided to give their love a second chance, that resulted in heartbreak for one woman.

Questions of intentions swirled around once more, but one woman put her fears aside for a chance at love. Pre-Paradise relationships were questioned yet again, resulting in two people being forced off of the beach, one of whom had arrived to Paradise less than 24 hours prior.

Keep reading for a full recap of episode seven of Bachelor in Paradise.

The Party 

Following in the footsteps of David Spade and Lance Bass, Tituss Burgess arrived as BiP's next celebrity guest host. After making a musical entrance, Tituss informed the group that "a select few" of them would get to attend a VIP party later that night.

Maurissa was left feeling "sick" after Riley scored an invite and she didn't, while Tammy feared she'd be "left in the dust" by Thomas after he attended the bash solo. Mari, meanwhile, was "so angry" to learn that Kenny and Demi would both be attending without her.

The lucky invitees made their way to a club-like room where they danced and goofed around, until Tituss revealed that four new women, including Alana and Chelsea, arrived with the potential to join the house. It was the former woman that had Jessenia questioning things with Chris as Alana previously "kind of threw herself at Chris." 

Unlike his one-time love interest, Chris was delighted to see Alana and decided to kiss her, multiple times, in full view of Jessenia, who was left feeling "completely blindsided."

"I didn’t think I’d have feelings with her walking in at all, and I don’t know what’s going on or what’s happened," Chris told Jessenia, before admitting in a confessional, "There’s a little piece of me that was looking for something a little bit more from Jessenia, and I could potentially find it with Alana." 

As Olivia Holt took the stage to perform and Chris and Alana packed on the PDA, Jessenia made her way out of the party.

"I just don’t want to be here anymore," Jessenia told her friends when she arrived back at the beach. The whole scene made Maurissa fret over her relationship with Riley, so much so that she sobbed on the beach, stating, "Who cries like this over someone they met five days ago? I want to go home."

Mari Makes Her Move

The day after the party, Mari swooped in to talk to Kenny and urge him away from both Demi, who'd offered him a return trip to the Boom Boom Room, and Tia, with whom he'd gone on a date.

"I really like you. I care about you. I want to be with you," Mari told Kenny. "I just want to take the rest of this time to focus on us and grow our relationship and get stronger and start thinking about what happens after this."

Kenny admitted that he was "nervous" that Mari was only saying these things for a rose, but she insisted, "It’s not that how I felt has changed… but I got scared." 

Kenny revealed that he'd had "pretty strong" feelings for Mari since the beginning, telling her, "I can’t explain what it is with you. I don’t know. It’s something different. I’m not sure that I’ve ever felt this kind of feeling before, to be honest with you."

After they both confessed that they'd be willing to leave Paradise together immediately, they kissed and officially reignited their romance. Demi was less than pleased to see the PDA, grumbling in a confessional, "I just had a one night stand that doesn’t want anything to do with me."

Demi went on to tell Kenny that Mari is "stuck up" and "evil," before admitting that she felt "like an idiot."

"I just don’t get why you’d want to have something with someone who didn’t even know if they wanted you. I wanted you. You literally have sex with me... She wanted to be open. But me, I wouldn't go on other dates," Demi said through tears. "It’s just so weird to me. I don’t get it. I’m such a fun person. I’m such a fun time. I deserve way better than this. I feel so stupid." 

In a confessional, Demi reiterated her feelings, calling Kenny "the most immature 40-year-old" and promising that she was "going to burn this beach down."

Jessenia Feels 'Defeated'

Amid the drama with Kenny, Jessenia was feeling "so defeated" after Chris' PDA-filled night with Alana. Chris was also in a bad headspace, revealing that he was "questioning everything I’m doing." 

He spent the day crying and moping around, but his tune was quick to change when Alana arrived on the beach and asked him on a date. After accepting the date, Chris annoyed the group by saying, "I know it’s going to upset a lot of you guys, but I’m following my heart right now. That’s what I came to do." 

Though Chris requested a chat with Jessenia prior to his departure, she told him, "I don’t think you owe me anything, Chris, honestly. You showed me basically who you are, so I don’t have anything to talk to you about."

During Chris and Alana's ziplining date, he told her, "It’s going to be a fun next few weeks. I’m happy you’re in Paradise. It’s about time you showed up." The pair went on to share an awkward kiss.

Meanwhile, Joe told James and Jessenia that he believed Chris came to Paradise with a "playbook," adding that Chris had asked him how to get popular on social media. Jessenia noted that she'd previously received similar questions from Alana. The trio concluded that the apparent scheming for a rose should result in both Chris and Alana leaving the beach.

Becca Eyes Thomas

Becca made her Paradise entrance by offering her rose to Aaron, but that connection never quite developed. So when Chelsea made her way onto the beach, Aaron was quick to accept her offer of a date. While Aaron and Chelsea rode horses, flirted, and kissed, Becca was questioning if Paradise was for her.

Becca's uncertainty was quickly dispelled when she earned a date card of her own, but she feared losing her friendship with Tammy if she were to ask out her first choice, Thomas. 

Ultimately, Tammy assured Becca that she wouldn't be offended if she asked Thomas out, but the former woman was left in tears after the one-time Bachelorette did just that.

Thomas accepted Becca's invitation and informed the former Bachelorette that she was the only person he wanted to go on a date with. While Becca had heard about Thomas' bouts with drama, she said in a confessional that she "didn’t want to have any expectations or judgments or preconceived notions." 

The date went well, with Becca telling Thomas, "I can’t stop smiling. I’m a little smitten kitten." He admitted similar feelings, and the pair shared a kiss and a dance.

Tammy was despondent back at the beach, and Aaron felt little remorse for his ex, who previously left him for Thomas, whom he considered to be his "mortal enemy." Both Aaron and James questioned Thomas' intentions once more, with the latter man stating that anyone who falls for him will get "bit in the a**."

Forced Out of Paradise

After Chris and Alana arrived back at the beach, Joe confronted Chris in front of Jessenia, Ivan, Maurissa and Riley, calling the situation "structured" and accusing him of leading Jessenia on.

"You were setting it up to make me feel like you were here for me, Chris, and you weren’t. You lied to me multiple times, so don’t sit here and try and ask for a pity party 'cause it’s not going to be given to you," Jessenia said. "... You literally told me word for word that you were not going to choose Alana over me, and that’s exactly what you did." 

Chris said he wasn't "110 percent sure" that he'd said that to Jessenia, and Riley was quick to dub the situation "f**ked up."

"F**k you. You lied to my face," Jessenia yelled at Chris, before encouraging him to "pack your bags and leave." 

"It’s time for you to pack your s**t, man. You got your girl already," Riley agreed. "Why don’t you take her and go? If she still wants your sorry a**."

Chris walked away from the conversation and made his way to apologize to Alana. He asked her to leave Paradise with him, but she found the request "ridiculous" because she had arrived there less than a day prior and wasn't sure if she was ready for a committed relationship with him. While Chris offered to stay in Paradise for her, they both ultimately left the beach separately.

As the group celebrated Chris and Alana's departure, Natasha questioned why the same effort hadn't been made on her behalf when Brendan had acted similarly with Pieper.

"I feel the same way Jessenia feels, but it’s cool if Brendan gets to explore his already established connection with Pieper? It’s the same thing. You guys feel this strongly about Chris, but you don’t feel this strongly about my situation... what?!" Natasha said in a confessional, before Demi expressed similar sentiments. 

'Things Are Beginning to Unravel'

The preview shows that Natasha's turmoil will continue as she laments that her "Paradise experience has been based on lies."

It appears Tituss will fall in line with #TeamNatasha, telling the group, "If you’re already in a relationship, that defeats the purpose of coming here." 

"They’re the villains of their own story," Demi says of Brendan and Pieper.

Brendan seems to defend himself next, sarcastically telling the group, "I know you guys wrote the rule book on relationships," to which Demi responds by telling him to "f**k off." 

Meanwhile, Mari and Kenny and Becca and Thomas are making out, while Riley and Maurissa take it a step further by licking whipped cream off of each other.

"The best chocolate sundae I ever had," Maurissa gushed.

Elimination looms over everything, with Jessenia hoping to stay, Tammy confronting Thomas, and James admitting that "the panic is kind of slowly setting in."

Elsewhere, Kendall cries and "feels overwhelming" emotions after watching Joe and Serena kiss. Kissing isn't all the couple does, though, as Joe tells Serena, "I’m falling in love with you."

"I don't want to be here anymore," Kendall says in the distance.

As Lil Jon arrives as the next celebrity guest host, Noah admits, "Things are beginning to unravel."

The next episode of Bachelor in Paradise will air Tuesday, Sept. 14, on ABC. Check out all of ET's coverage for the latest drama on the beach.