'Bachelor in Paradise': Guest Host Lil Jon Says He's Team Natasha Amid Her Drama With Brendan (Exclusive)

The latest guest host also teased the show's evacuation from the beach due to a tropical storm.

Lil Jon is taking sides. When ET spoke with Bachelor in Paradise's latest guest host, the 49-year-old rapper revealed he was Team Natasha amid her drama on the beach with Brendan and Pieper.

The situation began when fellow BiP contestants accused Brendan of a pre-Paradise relationship with Pieper. He assured everyone, including Natasha, his initial Paradise love interest, that things were "casual" with Pieper and he wasn't waiting for her to arrive, but that story fell apart when Pieper showed up on the beach

Brendan and Pieper immediately picked up where they left off, seemingly without sparing a thought for Natasha. They later discussed their then-growing follower counts on social media. Brendan has since lost more than 100,000 followers, while Pieper is down more than 9,000. Natasha, meanwhile, has gained upward of 375,000 followers.

"You can't come to Paradise already having a significant other, man. And for clout, come on, man, this is not what it's about," Lil Jon told ET. "You come to Paradise to find love, to explore and to find some love."

Brendan has since apologized and Pieper has released a statement. In an interview with ET, Natasha said that "the most shocking, awful" part of the situation was "the disregard" Brendan and Pieper showed for her.

Amid the Brendan and Pieper drama, another couple, Chris and Alana, found themselves in a similar situation. The contestants worked together to send them home, and that same treatment was eventually paid to Brendan and Pieper, too.

"Brendan and Pieper, it's the craziest drama. And then Chris and Alana, of course. How do you have four people doing the same damn thing?" Lil Jon said. "... They came for the wrong reasons, so I'm glad that cast banded together and made them leave."

Lil Jon hosted his first of two episodes on Sept. 14, and, because he was privy to all the drama that had played out with Natasha, he wanted to come in and "change all of that energy."

"I saw and understood... all of the BS Brendan put Natasha through. I saw all of that. It was just a somber mood because so many people went home, too," he said of the four women who were sent home. "... I wanted to come in and immediately change all of that energy. We got to change this energy. We got to get some more positive energy, some more fun, some more light."

He accomplished that goal by first inviting Natasha to help him spray the group with champagne, and later doing shots with all those on the beach.

"That's why I came in and me and Natasha sprayed champagne, so she can let some of that out and have a fresh new start," he said. "Of course, I made everybody do shots... to also break that ice even more and get them ready for a new week and a fresher start."

That fresh start may not be all it's cracked up to be, though, as Lil Jon told ET that "the craziest season" ever will only get more dramatic during the Sept. 21 episode. 

One of the major reasons for the upcoming drama is the arrival of two new guys, one of whom will take a shot at breaking up Riley and Maurissa, who have consistently been one of the strongest couples on the beach.

"Maurissa is going on a date. I thought she was saying no, but you see she's holding somebody's hand. So she's going on a date and Riley's like, 'I'm going to fight for her,'" Lil Jon explained. "But love should be tested as well. You got to test love to see if it's really what it's supposed to be, because sometimes you can think it is something until it's tested and then you see what people really are like."

Even more drama will be delivered with the arrival of a tropical storm, which forced the contestants to evacuate the beach for the first time ever.

"We had to evacuate Paradise because a tropical storm was coming. So you got all of that drama and it's going to be even more drama. That I can't tell you about, you just got to watch," Lil Jon said, before assuring fans that, despite the evacuation, "Paradise is not over."

"It's a lot more drama, man. It's a lot more drama," he teased. "This week is going to be crazy. I said I was going to flip it upside down, I didn't mean to bring a tropical storm, but it happens."

Lil Jon, who was first introduced to the franchise when he appeared on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, was immediately "down to go" to Paradise when he got the invite. He'd likewise be excited to permanently host the franchise, as it's still looking for someone to fill that role following Chris Harrison's exit.

"Why not?" he questioned of accepting the permanent hosting gig. "I feel I'm a good fit. Whenever people see me, their energy changes. I helped to change energy. I'm really spiritual and deep as well."

"I got some one-on-one time with some of the cast to talk to them about stuff that they had going on, so I feel I can fulfill all of those spaces," Lil Jon added. "So we'll see."

The next episode of Bachelor in Paradise will air Tuesday, Sept. 21, on ABC. Check out all of ET's coverage for the latest drama on the beach.