'Bachelor in Paradise' Guest Host Tituss Burgess Teases 'Salacious' Upcoming Episode (Exclusive)

The actor is breaking down all of the drama on the beach!

Tituss Burgess is hinting at more drama ahead on Bachelor in Paradise. ET spoke with the show's third guest host of the season, who stayed mum about plot points, but suggested that there are shocking events ahead.

"I won't do it," Burgess, 42, said of teasing specific moments. "It just is so salacious. You should just watch."

Much of the drama that swirled around the beach on the first of Burgess' two episodes was centered around Chris, who quickly stopped his budding relationship with Jessenia when a new girl, Alana, arrived. Chris didn't just break up with Jessenia, though, and instead opted to make out with Alana right in front of her. 

"I just thought, 'You guys, come on. Can't you just go kiss a little further away?' I was just like, 'Jesus Christ,'" Burgess said. "I realized then that all bets were off and anything goes."

Tuesday's episode ended with Chris and Alana being forced out of Paradise by other contestants, who had begun to believe that the pair had a pre-Paradise relationship. The same can't be said for Brendan and Pieper, who were the main cause of controversy in an earlier episode.

Brendan and Pieper confirmed that they met pre-Paradise, but, before Pieper's arrival, Brendan was hanging out with Natasha. He assured Natasha that things were casual with Pieper, but that story fell apart when Pieper made her entrance. The duo even discussed their then-growing follower counts on social media while mic'd up. Brendan has since apologized and Pieper has released a statement.

"You have to come to Paradise for the right reasons, or we're gonna find out. We know everything! It was just kind of comical that they thought they would slide by without us catching them," Burgess said. "At least undo your microphone. You gotta come for the right reasons or adios."

Despite the confirmation of a pre-Paradise relationship, Brendan and Pieper were not asked to leave the beach in the same way Chris and Alana were.

"I'm not sure why it didn't get the same scrutiny or attention," Burgess told ET. "I just feel like you have to come for the right reasons. People have allegiances to certain cast members that they don't for others. Depending on how your tribe is formed will sort of determine what the Twitterverse is going to say about you, what the blogs are gonna say. How anything is going to be received is anyone's guess, but that's the fun of it."

While Twitter seemed to side with Natasha this time, Burgess suggested that may change. "We'll see next week if that stays the same," he teased.

Through it all, Burgess said he maintained a "healthy sense of neutrality" as he soaked in all the drama.

"Honestly for me, all I had to do was keep my ear to the ground and listen for what was happening, the drama, the love triangles, all of it. It kind of does the job for you," he explained. "You zoom out and then you figure out, well, we need a party here. We need a date night here. We need to mix this up and see just how serious this person is about the other person."

"Honestly, a lot of these people just need an ear. Someone to listen who's outside of the bubble. Who's not vying for a love interest. That's kind of how I did it," Burgess added. "I was so happy to be there. I think my natural ebullience kind of did a lot of the work for me."

After his two-episode Paradise stint, Burgess said he'd "absolutely" be down to host the Bachelor franchise full-time.

"I'm always shocked when I'm asked to [host], because I am an actor... There's a great deal of improvisation that goes into that. Particularly for this show, because you're kind of on-call around the clock. I mean, we were filming well until, like, 4:00 a.m. for a couple of moments that we were trying to curate," he said. "That's a wholly different set of skills. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was so much fun."

"I had such a lovely time," Burgess added. "Hosting is not something I aspire to do, but maybe that is why it looks and feels so different when I do it. I should be so lucky if they wanted me. I would absolutely do it."

The next episode of Bachelor in Paradise will air Tuesday, Sept. 14, on ABC. Check out all of ET's coverage for the latest drama on the beach.