'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jade Roper Details Suffering a 'Missed Miscarriage'

Jade Roper
JC Olivera/Getty Images

The reality star posted about the heartbreaking news on Sunday.

Jade Roper is opening up about the heartbreaking loss of her unborn child, and how she's trying to navigate the emotional pain of the situation.

Roper took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal that she and her husband, Tanner Tolbert, are mourning the loss, and explained the circumstances that are making her miscarriage particularly difficult to cope with.

"I’ve been struggling with what to write here as I’ve been navigating a miscarriage," she wrote. "It felt like all my dreams were coming true to welcome another baby into our lives, to love and to complete our family." 

"While our hearts our completely broken and we have been dealing with the deep and complex grief of the loss, we have been blessed to be touched by his soul for his short amount of time," Roper continued. "I am forever changed."

Roper went on to explain that she is "currently experiencing what is a called a missed miscarriage, so while his heart has stopped and he has stopped growing (for some time now), my body hasn’t released the pregnancy yet."

"I am hoping to do this naturally and am trusting in timing and in my body under the care of my provider. I’ve been carrying him with so much pride and cherish every moment still left with part of him, but it has also been equally as challenging and devastating," Roper concluded. "So while I hold my belly here, our sweet baby’s body is resting in my womb as his soul soars. We love you with every piece of our hearts, baby Beau."

Roper and Tolbert met during Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and tied the knot in 2016.

The couple are parents to three children -- daughter Emmerson, who turns 6 on Aug. 17, 4-year-old son Brooks, and 2-year-old son Reed.

Before the pair welcomed their second child in July 2019, the reality star couple spoke with ET and admitted that it hadn't initially been part of their plan.

"Early on in my pregnancy, I would have said, 'We're done. This is number two. How are we trying to have two kids and be able to juggle this with our life?'" Roper said. "But now that he's getting close to being here, and I'm just thinking about it, and my hormones are kicking in more, I'm like, 'Let's just have another one too! Why not?'" 

They chatted with ET again ahead of welcoming their third child, and Roper told ET, "Sometimes things come in waves that you don't plan, but those are the best surprises." Roper said the couple had talked in the past about eventually wanting four children, but that they would take things as they happened.