'Bachelor in Paradise': Jasmine Drives Christen to Tears After Fierce Confrontation -- But Did She Go Too Far?

The 'Bachelor' castoff freaked out when Christen asked Matt on a date -- and her behavior might have backfired.

Look what you made Jasmine do!

Viewers finally saw the self-proclaimed "queen of Paradise's" "good TV" moment on Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelor castoff found herself in a fierce confrontation with newcomer Christen, after the virgin (she assured us she still was one at the beginning of the episode) asked Matt out on a date -- and he said yes.

"Why'd you ask Matt? Because what I got when we sat down, it was like, 'You and Matty!' Like, you knew!" Jasmine yelled as Christen stood there, brushing her teeth like a deer in headlights. "Let's be 100 percent, Christen. You knew me and Matt had a thing, which is fine, but I'm just saying it kind of sounded like BS when [you asked him on a date]... it seemed a little sneaky and slimy."

The tense interaction drove Christen to tears, as she confided in Raven that she didn't "want to hurt her feelings." 

"I'm in a rock and a hard place," Christen cried, as Jasmine continued to slam her to the camera (and other contestants feared that Jasmine might "put her in a chokey"). 

"She's a slimy snake! Yeah, I found out, b**ch!" Jasmine said. "I'm right here!" 

Christen and Matt actually seemed to have an OK time on their date, which only gave Jasmine more time to slam her competition (and nickname her "Scallop Fingers," which unfortunately for Christen, seemed to get picked up by the whole cast). 

In the end, however, it seems Jasmine's behavior only ended up pushing Matt further away, as he told both her and Christen that he was leaving Paradise -- before handing out his rose. 

We'll have to wait until next week to find out if Jasmine and Christen are able to find roses elsewhere (though, judging by Christen's kiss with Jack Stone, we're pretty sure she's picking from his bouquet). Also up in the air is Dean's love triangle with Danielle and Kristina, which continues into next week.  

See more on the sticky situation in the video below. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.