'Bachelor Winter Games': Clare Crawley Confronts Christian After He Tries to Pull a Juan Pablo (Exclusive)

'It's not OK.'

Uh oh! Looks like Christian is pulling a Juan Pablo on Bachelor Winter Games, and it's not sitting well with Clare Crawley!

Only ET has an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode of the new Bachelor spinoff, in which Clare confronts Christian about seemingly dissing her in front of the other guys -- and he uses Juan Pablo's signature line, and tries to tell her "it's OK." 

"Could you and I talk for a second?" Clare asks in the clip, pulling Christian into the living room to chat. "Josiah just came in the kitchen and said you were talking about [that] we were supposed to have a date and I walked away." 

"I asked you, 'What are you doing this evening?' You said, 'Nothing.' OK. We can make dinner together and go in the Jacuzzi," said Christian, a Bachelor Germany and Switzerland alum. "I go in the kitchen for dinner and change my clothes for Jacuzzi."

"So did I! The Jacuzzi is full. Nobody can go in there because it's too full," Clare reasons, asking Christian why he didn't come and talk to her about it. 

"I don't go in the living room for a woman," he replies. "But I say everything is fine, really."

"It's not fine. It's not fine if you feel this way and you're telling these guys this stuff," she declares. "Listen, for me, it's not OK. I'm doing the best I can."

"I don't think so, but it's OK," Christian says -- though Clare clearly has more to say. 

Watch the clip in the video player above. 

We're loving Clare on Winter Games so much, that she scored ET's silver medal for her confidence on Tuesday night's premiere. 

"There were a couple times and a couple guys [that I stood up against]!" Crawley explained to ET. "I have a very low tolerance for bulls**t from men."

"Especially in this moment, in this world, for women in general, it's nice to be able to not put up with crap. And even on a friendship level or on a dating level, I don't have tolerance for that from men," she added. "There were a couple times where I got a little frustrated."

See more on Winter Games in the video below. 

Winter Games airs Thursday, Feb. 15 and Tuesday, Feb. 20, before holding its finale on Thursday, Feb. 22.