‘Bachelorette’ Finally Confirms a New Lead as Chris Harrison Says Men Were ‘Cheated’

There’s a new Bachelorette on the way.

ABC has finally confirmed that there’s a new Bachelorette on the way, and she's getting ready for her big debut. A new promo was released on Saturday for next week’s Bachelorette episode -- airing on Thursday -- and it officially confirms that Clare Crawley exited her role as lead.

"Boys, it is great to see all of you here because you guys got a little cheated. You didn't really have an honest chance to find love. So your new Bachelorette is on her way here, right now," Chris Harrison tells the guys. "The big question. Who is she? Well, how about I just go get her and let her come in here?"

"The next person to walk through these doors will be your new Bachelorette, and possibly your wife," he adds as he leaves to greet the new lady.

"As nervous as I am, I'm sure she's doubly nervous right now," one suitor says, with another adding, "I'm sure she's nervous, but hopefully she's ready for what she's getting into."

The clip ends with the limo door opening. See the moment below:

ET learned on Aug. 3 that Tayshia Adams was brought in as a new Bachelorette after Clare fell for one of her men, and fans finally got their first tease of Tayshia's entrance on Tuesday night's episode.

The episode -- which included Clare referring to frontrunner Dale as her "fiancé" and the other men considering whether to just walk out on the season -- is on the "Mount Rushmore of episodes," Chris told ET.

"[But] week 4 is even more incredible," he teased of next week's episode, which will air on Thursday, Nov. 5. "So, those two episodes will definitely go down in the history books." 

"I definitely am not disappointed in Clare," Chris assured fans. "I'm not mad at Clare, none of this is a bad thing. If Clare's falling for somebody, and that's where this goes, then great. The whole purpose of this is to help Clare find love... If I do it in record time, that should go on my record. That should be a good thing. There shouldn't be a negative to this."

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Due to Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 3, next week's episode will air on Thursday, Nov. 5. See more of what Chris teased in the video below.



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