'The Bachelorette': Clare Calls Dale Her 'Fiance,' Tayshia Is Officially Here and We Are Freaking Out


Clare Crawley's connection with Dale Moss continues to intensify on The Bachelorette -- and the other guys can't ignore it any longer. Promos for this week's episode of the ABC dating showed the men coming after Dale... while he snuck around with Clare. 

In addition to the Dale drama, last week's episode also teased drama with Yosef, who was so upset about a strip dodgeball date he wasn't on that he totally unleashed. He yelled at our Bachelorette before storming off, but that wasn't even the night's highlight. 

An awkward encounter with another guy, Zach J., ended up sending him home mid-one-one-one date, but no, that wasn't the night's highlight either. Oh, and Clare called Dale her "fiance" -- but that also wasn't the night's highlight. 

So, what was the night's highlight? IT WAS TAYSHIA, and yes, we are serious. The fan favorite finally made her Bachelorette debut at the end of Tuesday's episode, as host Chris Harrison teased the end of Clare's journey. 

ET was live blogging this week's episode. Scroll down for a breakdown of all the drama. 


Next week, Clare officially BLOWS UP The Bachelorette. She's crying, men are fed up, and Jason warns the men will see a different side of him. 

Clare half-apologizes to the men with tears in her eyes. "We have never dealt with anything like this in the history of our show," Chris Harrison says. 

"What is next?" a guy asks... and 


Our girl emerges from the pool and we are FREAKING OUT. 


The men are heated. 

"I don't think I can sit there and go, 'You dished on my fiance so hard,'" Clare tells a producer. Um, excuse us? FIANCE???? DID SHE JUST CALL DALE HER FIANCE? WHERE WAS THE PROPOSAL? 

"Clare, thank you for showing up tonight," she tells the camera. "You tonight, deserve this rose." 

She continues to gush about her and Dale's relationship to the producer while the men discuss the big move. 

"She doesn't really care about anyone else," one man says. "If you want to go be with Dale, go be with him now, and we'll all go home." 

"How about the rest of us walk out?" he asks. 

No Rose

Clare returns to the group, says she knows what she's looking for and has a lot to think about. 

"I actually did not get what I needed with you guys," she says. "So, right now, I feel like this rose, I won't be able to give this out tonight. But I'm going to go sleep on things... I'll see you guys at the rose ceremony tomorrow." 


Wasting Time

The guys start to realize that Clare is only asking them about Dale. 

"It feels like right now, she's only interested in Dale in this whole house... I feel like I'm wasting my time," one man says. "I don't think it's fair if she' not giving other people a chance." 

Bennett says he doesn't think it's a "done deal," but the men can't think of anyone else Clare has paid this much attention to. 

Gossip Girl

The men are wondering whether all their jokes about Dale will make Clare start to question their relationship, or make her defend it. 

She heads off to talk to Ben, asking about why he said he was going to her and Dale's wedding. "What have been [Dale's] comments? Fill me in!" she says to Ben. 

Ben tells Clare he doesn't really want to talk about another guy... so Clare tries to talk about him with someone else. 

"It was almost like Gossip Girl," Zac says. "It was tunnel vision." 


What About Dale?

After a surprise Dale appearance at the roast, the men are excited to have a cocktail party without him. 

"There's a lot I was like, 'I didn't know that!'" Clare tells the guys before heading off with Bennett for a chat. 

He's ready to stop talking about Dale, but that's all Clare wants to talk about. "He says he's the frontrunner?" Clare asks. 

"I gave Dale enough airtime during the roast... I'd like to finish the conversation and move on," Bennett tells her, but Clare keeps asking about Dale. 


Owning It

Eazy tells Dale that guys think of him a certain way. "You need to put yourself in other people's situation of like, 'Damn, I see how that looks,'" he suggests. 

Dale says he'll own it all and just wants to move forward. 


Bennett's jokes about Dale were enough for Margaret Cho to realize something's going on. 

She suggests it was "hostile" and asks Clare if there's some hostility there. 

"So what? I have feelings for Dale. We have a connection!" Clare tells the camera. "That's the truth! I'm not trying to hide anything. ... You can't hate on love!"

Going In on Dale

Ben gets up first, and Clare loves it -- probably because he joked she'd marry Dale. 

The next guy also joke about Dale... and Clare looks pissed. "Just on and on and on about Dale, to the point where it was uncomfortable." 

Then Bennett takes the stage, and he goes for it. "How long do you think it's going to take for Clare to realize ... you actually have no interest in her?" Bennett says, as the men erupt in laughter. 

Dale welcomes the jokes with a wide smile, and they keep coming. "Since you've said you're the best suited for Clare, do me a favor and at least swing my chateau for a lesson in fashion for the big day, you big diva," Bennett says, dropping the mic. 

Was it that good of a joke? The men seemed to think so. 

Don't Kill Anybody

Bennett thinks Dale is going to get "torn a new one" at the roast, and he's got a front row seat. 

Chris returns to introduce Margaret, who cracks a few jokes about the guys. "Bennett... you... scare me," she says. "I feel like at some point there's going to be a true crime podcast about you. Just don't kill anybody." 

Roast Fest

We don't have too much time to wonder about what just happened with Zach J. because it's already the next day -- and time for the next group date. 

The men are OVERJOYED that Dale is not the on the date so they can shoot their shot. 

Oh hello Margaret Cho! She's here to help Clare and the guys with a roast fest. 

"Clare loves a bold man," Margaret says -- and Clare confirms. 

"And it wouldn't be a roast without a live audience... the rest of the guys from the house," Margaret informs the men. 

We guess this makes sense with logistics (pandemic, remember?) but also how convenient for producers. 

Breezing By

Did that Zach J. situation breeze by for anyone else? What happened there?

Some guys aren't surprised to see Zach J. go home, but others are concerned it means she's not willing to give anyone else a chance. 

Coming up, the guys roast Dale, and Chris promises we "won't believe what's coming next." 

Going Home

It's time for the dinner date, and Clare doesn't show up. Instead, it's Chris Harrison. 

"She leaned in for a kiss... that one little hiccup, I thought it was... I thought we were in a solid spot," Zach J. tries to explain. 

"You're going to be going home," Chris tells him. "I'm sorry, man." 

Wow, that ended quickly!


Zach tries to pull Clare in, and she's not having it, clearly uncomfortable. 

"I don't know what else I could have done," he tells the camera. 

"Zach just made me extremely uncomfortable... the second I try to walk away, he grabs me. That kind of triggers me, and kind of scares me," Clare explains to the camera. "I may be a little extra sensitive about it... but I don't want to figure it out, I don't want to talk about it." 

What Was That?

On her date with Zach J., Clare says it's weird for her to be with "other people" now that she has Dale in her life. 

She says she wants to give Zach a chance, but does she? 

Oh.... what was that? While trying to end the day part of the date at the pool, Clare tries to kiss Zach, who doesn't lean back. 

It's awkward, and he asks what happened, and she laughs it off. 


Back at the suite, the guys discuss Clare's connection with Dale. 

"There might be something behind that where they've had contact," one guy says. 

The men are speculating about how Clare and Dale could already be so close... and we don't blame them. 

'I Wish Dale Was Here'

Clare takes Zach J. to get pedicures on a spa date -- and he's got some nervous energy. 

They make awkward small talk while he figures out where to put his feet and tries not to react to having his feet touched. 

"It's pretty cool to be in this situation... but I'm a pretty high-strung guy," he tells the camera. 

Zach J. thinks everything is going great so far, but Clare... feels differently. 

"That excited energy has turned into nervous energy, and it stresses me the heck out. In moment like this, I wish Dale was here," she tells the camera. 

Game On

It's the next morning -- and time for Clare's one-on-one with Zach J. 

He was anxious last night and "on edge" this morning, but he's ready to make sure Clare "leans my way." 

The Bachelorette arrives in the suite to pick up Zach J. for their date, but can't help but marvel at how hot Dale looks and how ready she was to "game on" with him last night. 

Must be nice to be Zach J. right now!


Eazy feels like he and the other guys who are NOT Dale have been "cast aside." Their spirits have been "beat down." 

Back in the suite, Dale tells the guys he made a move because he was "the best man suited." 

"Just the best man suited... I guess suited is maybe not the right word," he says as the guys confront him. 

"The fact that he thinks he's better than all of us? F**k you!" Jason tells the camera. "He's not better than all of us. ... I do not get mad like this." 

"He believes he's the best suited man here, and after what happened tonight... I think she may think that he is," Riley adds. "But if that's the case, her credibility is in question. That's going to cause some controversy." 

A Rose for Dale

Chasen says it's not fair for Clare to have her eyes set on one person, and the other guys say it would be "disrespectful" if Clare gave Dale the rose. 

"I enjoyed every conversation," Clare says, rejoining the group. "There's a rose on the table." 

"Dale... thank you for stepping up and being bold. I appreciate you showing me you care," she says, pinning the rose on Dale's shirt. "Thank you." 

Clare thanks the guys again and heads off to bed. 

A Dale of a Tale

More making out with Clare and Dale. 

"People have noticed Dale having a connection with Clare, but today, when he did that, it's like, somebody's gotta call you out?" Riley tells the camera. 

Chasen volunteers to interrupt Dale and Clare, and we're pretty sure we caught them mid-makeout. 

"I was kind of dazed and confused and lost a little bit," Dale tries to explain when he rejoins the group. "I got up and went to the bathroom... I was standing right there." 

"It would be better if you just own it," Eazy says. "It would be different... you started it by saying [let's be respectful]." 

Dale continues to try to explain himself, and the guys aren't having it. 

An Interruption

The guys scramble to get time with Clare, who assures them she wants time with all of them, but notes it's also "getting late." 

Then, Dale interrupts Clare's conversation with a guy -- saying he didn't know they were in there. 

"Do you want to come in here?" Clare asks, smiling wide. 

The men find out that Dale went to see Clare a second time, and drama is BREWING. 

Speed This Up

Dale is BEAMING when he returns to the guys -- and Clare seemingly hurries up her time with Eazy. 

"Can we speed this up?" she then asks a producer, joking about how she'll tell the guys "thank you for coming." 

Is this an expose? What is going on? 

Welcome to My House!

"Welcome to my house!" Clare says, opening the door to Eazy as he sees Dale awkwardly sitting in her living room. 

Dale gets up to leave, and she stops him for a hug. This is TOO AWKWARD to handle. 

"Come on, have a seat!" she then tells Eazy, as Dale tries to find snacks on the way out. 

Hide in the Closet

The men awkwardly sit around while Clare and Dale get REAL intimate in the bedroom. 

"They've been gone for an hour," one guy observes. 

Someone has to interrupt, and Eazy decides it's going to be him. He knocks on the door. 

"Let me go hide in the closet!" Dale jokes as he and Clare giggle -- and we HOPE Eazy can't hear from outside the suite -- but also kind of hope he does. 


Clare takes Dale over to her suite, and they take a seat on her bed. He tells her how proud he is of her after seeing the verbal abuse directed at women in his life, and how words can hurt. 

He and Clare connect, and then they REALLY connect and start cuddling. 

"Why are you so perfect?" Clare asks as they start making out. 

Meanwhile, back at the suite, the next date card arrives Shemar Moore is hoping for the one-on-one, but it goes to Zach J. 

"I'm ecstatic right now!" he tells the camera. 

Too Much

It is NIGHT and so dark at the group date. How can anyone see? Did the lighting department not get to come to La Quinta? 

Finally the group walks over to a candlelit set-up and Clare cheers to "quality time." 

Dale speaks up first, telling the guys he just wants "five minutes." "I want to be respectful of everyone," he says. 

The men give Clare a group hug and then send her off with Dale. "It's too much for me to handle," Riley tells the camera. Yes, us too. 

It's a Wrap

Clare pops in to see the guys, and tells them she's scratching the day part of the date to just have a "really long" cocktail party to chat with them. 

The guys are feeling anxious, but trying to stay positive. "I prefer this, and I don't want to sound arrogant... but when I get quality time with her, it's a wrap," Dale tells the camera. 

Getting Into Dale's Pants

All of the sudden, Clare whips out Dale's PANTS, which he ripped on the group date. 

She SMELLS THEM and then so does Deanna. What is going on? 

The pants are enough of a sign to Deanna that Clare is all in with Dale. 

"It's... you know when you know," Clare tells Deanna. "This might be the shortest season ever!" 


Clare's fantasies about Dale are interrupted by former Bachelorette Deanna Pappas, who stops by for some girl talk with Clare. 

She says she can tell Clare's feeling someone. "I was roasted so bad by this guy last night... and from the corner of my eye, I see Dale," Clare tells Deanna. "I've had to stand up for myself for so long, and it was so nice to have a man." 

Deanna is being such a good gossip girl and we love it. 


The next day, Chris tells the guys that Yosef was "EXPOSED" and because of what happened, everyone will get dates this week. Congrats, guys! 

It's a group date -- and Dale's on it. 

Dale + Clare

Chasen and Riley praise Clare for her strength, but it's Dale (of course) who gives the toast after the rose ceremony. 

Up next, Clare writes about Dale in her diary, sneaks off with him and the men are PISSED OFF. 

Then, Clare is crying and Chris is teasing the "shocking rumors." TELL US, CHRIS!

Rose Goes...

The first rose goes to Dale (of course), then Zac C., Demar, Brandon (or Brendon? which one awkwardly left last week?), Jordan, Joe, Jay, Bennett, Eazy, Ben, Ed, Ivan, Kenny and Zach J. 

Goodbye to everyone else. Good luck on your journeys to find love, and godspeed in the rest of your (likely) physical contact-less quarantine. 

Chasen and Jason

Bennett says he had something "fun and nice and sweet" planned for Clare, but he's glad Yosef is gone. He would be "devastated" if he didn't get a rose tonight. 

Demar would be "crushed" -- because he's not a Chasen or Jason who has a rose already. 

Now, it's time for Clare to hand out the roses. "I appreciate you guys having my back," she says. "I'm sorry... I didn't get to spend time with a few of you guys, but I'm trusting this process." 

"The guys that don't get roses tonight, I have nothing but love for you guys," she adds. BUT NOT ENOUGH LOVE TO KEEP THEM AROUND... 


Clare says she's falling in love with Dale after just DAYS, and pretty much everyone can tell.

Chris Harrison sits down with Clare after all that drama, and they're JOKING about how much she loves Dale. 

The men, meanwhile, are all gathered at the cocktail party talking about how upset they are for Clare, but guess what? Dale already comforted her. 

"Yosef isn't here. He left," Clare tearfully tells the guys when she finally emerges. "I don't think I can go on with the night, and I'm not up for conversations right now, I hope you guys understand." 

"I'm so sorry," she continues, revealing that they're going straight to the rose ceremony. 

Dale to the Rescue

Of course it's Dale who comes to Clare's rescue. 

He laughs at Yosef's comments, telling Clare he's there to "please" her. 

"Focus on what matters and who matters," he tells her. 

"Mean, crappy people are inevitable in life," Clare tells the camera. "All I wanted is a man like Dale who will come over and protect me and make sure I'm OK and not have to go through it alone." 


The men are starting to notice the fight as Clare yells "Get out of here!" 

"You're completely classless, Clare! I expected way more from the oldest Bachelorette in history! Remember you're almost 40!" Yosef screams, storming out. 

The men shout at him to take it down a notch while Clare cries to producers. 

"I didn't even do anything to that man!" Clare says. "Sick! sick!" 

"To sit there and say, 'You're the oldest Bachelorette'? ... I didn't settle for men like that!" she declares.


Yosef continues laying into Clare, and she finally bites back. 

"I've listened to you for the last 20 minutes... the way you're talking to me right now... never in a million years did I ever think I would have to utter these words again," Clare says. 

"I would never want my children having a father like you. Get out of here!" she yells in a throwback to her Juan Pablo breakup. 

"You're not fit to be a mother to my child!" Yosef screams back as they storm off (in the same direction). 


"The second thing is I was absolutely appalled by the group date that happened yesterday... it's so humiliating and degrading," Yosef continues of the dodgeball date. "It feels very silly." 

Clare is trying to be so understanding, but Yosef just gets more and more heated. "That's why you were not on that date," Clare tells Yosef when he mentions how embarrassed he would be if his family saw him there. 

"I can't believe that that actually occurred... You're not setting the right example for my daughter. I'm ashamed to be associated with you," he says. 

This has TAKEN A TURN. 

Uhhhhh OK

Yosef interrupts Jordan "for a moment real quick" but something tells us this is going to last a lot longer. 

"I told you from the beginning I'm going to be open and honest," he begins, asking Clare to give him a chance to say what he has to say. 

"There's been a couple red flags that came out to me," Yosef says, mentioning Clare confronting the guys at the group date. "You're here for us too. It's two-sided, and I've sacrificed a lot to be here." 

Yosef mentions how he's taking away time from his daughter, and Clare says she can understand -- she's left her mom who is dying. Yosef CUTS HER OFF because he has more to say. 

Personal Boundaries

Yosef says his "personal boundary" was crossed by the dodgeball date he WAS NOT ON. 

"I promise you, I'll definitely make sure... I'll be speaking to Clare," he tells the guys. He's bottled stuff up in the past, but isn't interested in doing that this time around. 

"I don't care what these guys say. I'm not going to back down from anyone, including the Bachelorette," he tells the camera. 

The guys are worried about how Yosef will handle the situation, and WE KNOW WHAT'S COMING. 

Yosef Is Mad

We pick up at the rose ceremony, with some of the men talking about how much they respected Clare for calling them out. 

Everyone wants to talk to Clare, including our Shemar Moore lookalike, whose name is Jordan. 

But then there's Yosef, who claims he WAS excited about Clare being "the oldest Bachelorette that's ever been," but now he's upset by the red flags. 

Clare is shown chatting with the guys, making sure they were OK with the dodgeball date -- but Yosef is offended by the "completely classless" date. 

"If I were on that date, hands down, I would have said no, I'm not going to do this," he tells the guys. 

We're Ready

Previously... Clare and Dale are IN LOVE. OK, so they haven't said it, but it's pretty much true. 

Also, Clare's strip dodgeball date pissed off Yosef, who is ready to call her out. 

Tonight, the men roast Dale, Clare calls Dale "perfect," and he says "it's a wrap." 

The men wonder whether Dale and Clare communicated before the show, and they are MAD. 

We are in for an explosion of an episode and WE ARE READY. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. (Due to election coverage, next week's episode airs on a special night -- Thursday, Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. PT/ET.)

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