'Bachelorette' Rachel Recchia Undergoes Breast Reduction Surgery

Rachel Recchia
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Recchia documented the procedure from start to finish on TikTok.

Rachel Recchia is updating fans on her health after undergoing breast reduction surgery. The Bachelorette star took to TikTik to document the process from prep to recovery.

"i did it!! tg for @genevieveparisi R.N," Recchia captioned the quick clip, which saw her prepping the night before by getting her hair braided by roommate and Bachelor in Paradise star Genevieve Parisi, as she prepared for the surgery the next day and celebrating her "last day with boobs."

From washing her face and showing off her comfy fit, the TV personality documented it all, including her drive to the surgery center, giving fans a look at her surgery gown and even snapping a selfie with the medical staff post-op.

Recchia, 27, has been recovering at home since undergoing the procedure on March 7, with Parisi taking care of her, giving the reality star her very own bell to ring when she needs assistance.

After posting the video on Wednesday, Recchia responded to fans in the comments who asked how she was doing.

"How are you doing??? I’m glad it all went well!! Praying for a fast recovery for you!," one fan asked, to which Recchia replied, "i am doing well thank you so much 🤍🤍🤍."

She also replied to another fan who asked how she was feeling and said that she was "doing better than I thought I would."

Recchia also received lots of love from Bachelor Nation in the comments, including fellow alums Abigail Heringer, who wrote, "Everyone needs a friend like gen 🫶🏼 hope you have a smooth recovery! 💚," and Michelle Young, who commented, "Love you Rach!!!"

Parisi weighed in as well, taking a chance to make fun of the ending moment in the comments. "I now answer to a bell," she wrote, to which Recchia replied, "nurse gen!!!"

Also on Wednesday, Parisi shared an update on her roommate on her Instagram Stories writing, "update -- Rach is doing well after her surgery, just resting up and being the most low maintenance patient ever."

She added, "She purposefully scheduled surgery yesterday so she physically couldn't celebrate today so here we are."

Recchia has been outspoken about wanting to getting breast reduction before. Last month, the pilot revealed on TikTok that she was contemplating getting the surgery and wanted to inquire about other women's experiences with the procedure.

"I have been in the process of going through my insurance and getting the surgery done since I was 17, and I think I am about to get it done at the beginning of next month," Recchia said in the video.

She continued, "I truly think that the surgery is going to absolutely change my life. Not only in the way that I'm able to exercise and not have pain, but every woman I've ever met who's gotten the surgery has said it's absolutely changed their life."