'Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams Addresses Apparent Engagement Ring, Reveals Which Guy Is 'Husband Material'

Tayshia Adams 2020 VMAs
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Did Tayshia Adams just spoil her season of 'The Bachelorette'?

Did Tayshia Adams just spoil her season of The Bachelorette? The 30-year-old had interesting answers when grilled by Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday about the apparent engagement ring she wore on social media earlier this month -- and which man she considers to be "future husband material." 

Tayshia surprised fans when she sported a ring on that finger on her Instagram Story on Dec. 1. The ring has since disappeared from her finger. 

"All I have to say is I’m just a girl... if I want to drink my coffee with some diamonds on, I can do that," Tayshia told Ellen. "I like to wear diamonds all the time!"

Perhaps the more telling answer came when Ellen asked Tayshia to name which men fit the description displayed on the screen -- like "Best Kisser" and "Future Husband Material." Tayshia listed four guys for "Best Kisser" -- but could only think of one name when "Future Husband Material" popped up. 

"I feel like all of them, but probably Zac," Tayshia said.

"So, you end up with Zac?" Ellen playfully asked. "I’m saying that you had multiple answers for the best kisser. You only had one answer for future husband material. So, if you did pick somebody else, you are really in trouble when this airs." 

Tayshia neither confirmed nor denied Ellen's suspicions -- but did open up about telling Zac she was falling in love with him on Tuesday night's episode. 

"I'm there to, like, find my person. So, if it’s what I’m feeling, then I felt like, 'Why not say it?'" Tayshia shared. "But I will say, after I did tell him, my producers were like, 'Whoops! Like, you shouldn’t have done that.' But whatever, it felt right."

Next week, The Bachelorette airs Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below.