'Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams Reacts to Her Ex-Husband Josh Bourelle Speaking Out (Exclusive)

Josh slammed Tayshia for opening up about their divorce on 'The Bachelorette.'

Tayshia Adams is focused on the future. The 30-year-old has tried to protect ex-husband Josh Bourelle's privacy throughout her journey on The Bachelorette, but earlier this month, he spoke out about their relationship and divorce on a podcast. 

In an interview with ET's Lauren Zima on Wednesday, Tayshia, accompanied by her new fiance, Zac Clark, reacted to Josh's recent commentary. "My journey is my journey and I respect his perspective of how everything went," Tayshia said. "At the end of the day, I hope he finds his happiness and is doing well." 

"I know I am, and that’s all I have to say," she added. 

Tayshia and Josh were married for less than two years before their split in 2017. She referenced their relationship and divorce during her appearances on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and said on the Dec. 8 episode of The Bachelorette that cheating on Bourelle's part was one of the "main reasons my marriage ended." 

In an interview with Reality Steve earlier this month, Josh admitted to cheating on Tayshia, but said "there was a lot more to it than that." He said it was an "injustice" that his infidelity kept being brought up on the show, and that it has been a "slight mar to my reputation." 

Tayshia seemingly only discussed her divorce with a few contestants -- including Zac, who had also been divorced. And off camera, she slammed rumors that Josh would be making an appearance on the show. She also asked fans to leave Josh alone, arguing that he didn't sign up to be researched and talked about. 

According to Josh, Tayshia did text him to apologize after the fan speculation, and reiterated the importance of his privacy. However, he said he felt the need to share his side of the story on their split. 

"Her going out and saying that I cheated on her and that was the reason for our divorce on national TV, I felt like kind of crossed the line on that a little bit because I feel like she was using that as her sob story to make her look better. It was hurtful to me because it wasn't just me that heard about that," Josh said, noting that his parents, their church, his current girlfriend and her family had all heard Tayshia's comments about their split. 

"If she really is happy, then that's great, and if she really is happy, she shouldn't involve me in this show in any way," he added. "She should just leave me out of the whole entire thing and dragging me in by saying that the reason for her past relationship's failure was infidelity and other things that basically didn't have to do with her -- it's a misrepresentation of her character." 

Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette ended on Tuesday night, with her engagement to Zac. "I would not change a thing," Tayshia told ET of whether she had any regrets about her journey. 

"I'm the happiest I've been, and I feel like our relationship is just so different than anything that I've experienced, and I thought I'd be blessed to have," she said of her romance with Zac. "So, I'm doing well. I'm living my best life." 

See more on Tayshia in the video below. 


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