'Batwoman' Season 3 First Look: Ryan Is Caught Off Guard by Birth Mom Mention (Exclusive)

The new season premieres Wednesday on The CW.

Is Batwoman about to face her past?

The CW superhero drama kicks off season 3 on Wednesday, and only ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from the premiere episode. Titled "Mad as a Hatter," Batwoman (Javicia Leslie), along with Batwing (Camrus Johnson), continue to keep Gotham safe, but Luke soon realizes he hasn't quite perfected his supersuit. With Alice (Rachel Skarsten) imprisoned in Arkham, she sends a message to Ryan about her birth mom -- that she may in fact be alive -- shocking Ryan to her core.

In ET's first look, Ryan and Luke discuss his suit glitching while out crime fighting, as Ryan warns him he needs to get it fixed soon for both their sakes. But the two are quickly interrupted when Mary (Nicole Kang), gearing up to graduate from medical school, arrives to give them tickets to her big ceremony and to confirm that they will be on time.

"If there is a bomber threatening to take off half the city, just remember that I only become an official M.D. once and people bomb Gotham every other day," she quips, causing Ryan and Luke to chuckle out of mild amusement at the truth bomb. Mary reveals soon after that she had an unexpected encounter with Alice and discovered some very interesting tidbits, such as the fact that Alice and her father are somehow now pen pals. "That's uncomfortable," Luke reacts to the surprising news, considering Alice killed his wife.

As Mary starts to have a mental breakdown over the whole situation, Ryan assures her that even though her direct family members can't be present to celebrate her accomplishments, she and Luke will. And that's all that matters. "We won't miss it," Ryan assures Mary.

"That reminds me. Alice told me to ask you about your birth mom," Mary recounts, taking Ryan by surprise. "She was like, 'Ryan will know what I mean.' And then she smiled like a total creep." Luke reminds everyone that Ryan's mom died in childbirth, so how is she even a topic of conversation now? "So you don't know what she's referring to?" Mary asks.

But Ryan has a look that she's maybe withholding some information. "Since when does Alice ever make sense?" she answers.

Robin Givens joins the cast as Ryan's previously-thought-to-be-dead birth mom.

Batwoman premieres Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. For more, watch below.

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