Becky G and Sean Paul's 'Mad Love' -- Go Behind the Scenes of the ‘Colorful, Sexy and Hot’ Music Video!

The singers take ET cameras along for the ride as they film the music video for their new dance track, 'Mad Love.’ The full video is available March 9.

Come on, give Sean Paul and Becky G some “Mad Love!”

The Jamaican rapper and Mexican-American pop star have teamed up to gift us with a new single, which many are already deeming a spring break anthem.

Infectious EDM beat (produced by David Guetta)? Check. 

Insanely catchy chorus? Check. 

Dancing non-stop since the song debuted last month? Check, check, and check!

ET was invited on set as the duo filmed the tropical banger’s music video in Encino, California, and both artists dished on the “colorful, sexy and hot” vibe they created to match the energy of the track.

“It's a song me and Guetta have been working on for a while,” Sean explained of his involvement before Becky joined the track. “I was like, 'Let's see how she sounds on it.' To me, I was like, ‘That's a winner, that's it. Search no further.’”

As for Becky, however, the 21-year-old singer said their first “meeting” didn’t go exactly as she’d hoped.

“We got on the phone to talk about ‘Mad Love,’ it was a Facetime, and I was freaking out because I didn't have my makeup on and I was like, ‘Awwww, snap!,’” she recalled. Thankfully, the call went well and they established “an immediate chemistry.”

Since bursting on the mainstream music scene in 2002, Sean’s collaborations have included everyone from Beyonce to Enrique Iglesias to Sia and now, Becky, who he says he was instantly drawn to.

“I think she's a dope artist from the beginning. The first song that I saw she did was just rap and she was spitting and I was like, ‘What!?’” Sean gushed. “She's a triple threat, as they call it, but probably more than that because she can speak, she can sing, she can dance, you know what I mean? She looks amazing.”

Similarly, Becky says she grew up a huge fan of Sean’s, even calling him “one of the most iconic artists.”

“The best part about [working with Sean] is none of that crosses your mind when you’re with him. He's super humble and so talented… To have his support means everything to me,” she said, smiling.

For both artists, the concept of “Mad Love” reaches far beyond the dance floor. Sean says Busta Rhymes was the first big star who showed him support when he was just coming up as a young emcee.

“When I first did songs with Busta Rhymes, that was amazing for me because I used to look up to him a lot, and yeah, that was mad love, putting me on," he reflected. "We did songs together, so it was like a lot of his fans knew who I was instantly [on] ‘Make it Clap’ and ‘Give Me the Light Remix.’”

Becky’s first big champion? Jennifer Lopez.

“Jennifer, really early on, gave me that blessing of, ‘All right, young Latina coming out the ‘hood, on the rise, gotta support!’” she marveled, adding that they've kept in touch and she’d love to collaborate again.

The "Mad Love" music video drops Monday, March 12.