Bella Thorne Stars In Anti-SeaWorld Spot That Addresses Her Childhood Ad For the Amusement Park

Bella Thorne at Midnight Sun premiere
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 'Midnight Sun' star is sharing her passion for animals in a new clip.

Bella Thorne is standing up for whales everywhere!

In a new clip, the 20-year-old actress discusses the defense of all animals with PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. During the chat, she revealed a personal connection to SeaWorld, which is why she is such a strong advocate against the amusement park and its treatment of its animals.

“When I was a little girl, I did a commercial for SeaWorld, and even then I knew there wasn’t something right,” she explained. Now, she is doing her part to encourage others to boycott the park and protest its practices. This includes a new image, which she shared on her Instagram Story, in which Thorne is depicted as a whale mermaid in chains.

During the interview, the actress also offered the cameras a tour of her home, which was populated with loads of furry friends, who live quite well.

“This is our cat home that we built. Our cat mansion,” Thorne said while displaying a large structure made up of several boxes, all decorated with bright colors and featuring windows.

Her tour also included a near-full-sized velociraptor statue named Derek, a mountain of coloring books and a big aqua-blue chair decorated with seashells. Needless to say, her eclectic style definitely translates to home décor.

Get more news on Thorne in the clip below.