'Below Deck Down Under': Watch the First Teaser for the Franchise's Latest Series

'Below Deck Down Under'

The series will premiere Thursday, March 17 on Peacock.

Below Deck Down Under promises to take viewers on a bumpy ride. Peacock released the first teaser for the latest addition to the Below Deck franchise on Wednesday, and hints at drama to come on and off the yacht.

Crew members refer to M/Y Thalassa to be a "floating circus," before one worker states, "Everyone's just, like, annoyingly good looking."

It won't be all hook-ups, though, as infighting will rage among the crew. Work won't provide any relief from the drama either, as one crew member is accused of working slow, another is fired, and a third is accused of backstabbing, before they all team up to save a charter guest from an approaching shark.

Set against the backdrop of the Australia's Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef, Captain Jason Chambers, a youthful, charming, hands-on leader, will be joined by a familiar face, fan-favorite Aesha Scott as Chief Stew. 

Newcomers Chef Ryan McKeown and Bosun Jamie Sayed will also be part of the crew, along with stews Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek, and deckhands Culver Bradbury, Brittini Burton, and Ben Crawley.

Peacock teases that, though the dynamics on board are initially smooth sailing, a boatload of problems bubble up when the Chef immediately falls out of sync with the Chief Stew. The deck team also hits rocky waters when the Bosun’s firm management style is called into question by a free-spirited team member with an aversion to rules.

Meanwhile, Chief Stew Aesha learns the hard way that not everyone on her team will be motivated by her friend-first work mentality. Between charters, the yachties blow off steam by taking full advantage of Australia’s world-renowned nightlife, where drama, surprising flirtations, and wild adventures heat up their well-deserved nights off.

Below Deck Down Under premieres Thursday, March 17 on Peacock.