'Below Deck': Elizabeth Goes Behind Francesca's Back to Complain About Her to Captain Lee (Exclusive)

Elizabeth Frankini chats with Captain Lee Rosbach on Bravo's 'Below Deck.'

Second stewardess Elizabeth Frankini has seemingly reached her breaking point when it comes to working under chief stew Francesca Rubi.

The interior drama is headed straight to the bridge on Below Deck, and ET has your exclusive sneak peek! Second stewardess Elizabeth Frankini corners chef Rachel Hargrove out on the deck, asking her for advice on how to handle chief stew Francesca Rubi, who has made it no secret that she’s disappointed in Elizabeth’s work ethic on board motor yacht My Seanna.

"Francesca, you know, she has a perception about me and an opinion now, and a belief, and it could be hard to change that," Elizabeth laments to Rachel. "She’s not gonna want to have someone on her team that she feels that way towards…"

“Go and talk to Captain Lee [Rosbach],” Rachel advises. “He has good guidance. He’s a very intelligent person.”

"He could be…" Elizabeth starts to say, as Francesca steps onto the deck and catches the two women talking behind her back. She offers a sarcastic "OK" before turning around and reentering the interior.

"Can I talk to you?" Elizabeth asks, following Francesca inside. But the chief stew isn’t having it, simply replying "no," as Rachel stands stunned on the deck and utters, "F**k."

"What the f**k?" Francesca exclaims in a confessional. "Elizabeth is getting everyone involved in this situation, and I’m really disappointed in Rachel. She said, 'Go to Captain Lee and go and overstep Francesca,' pretty much."

And Elizabeth takes Rachel’s advice, messaging Captain Lee over the crew radios asking for a moment of his time. After a brief eye roll, Lee accepts Elizabeth’s request to meet. Watch everything play out here:

Viewers will have to tune into Bravo's Below Deck on Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT to see how Elizabeth and Captain Lee’s chat goes, but Captain Lee usually prefers for crew drama to be worked out without him having to get involved. When he does get involved, it often results in someone losing their spot on the boat.

"I don't think anyone really disappointed me," Lee told ET ahead of the season. "Would I liked to have seen some people progress quicker, or maybe maybe have a better grasp of what the job is all about, as opposed to what they may have perceived it to be? Yeah, that may have been true."

"There are some times … where I have let people go that I've been very reluctant to do so," he added. "Not because their heart wasn't in the right place, not because they really didn't work super hard. It's just, they didn't have it for the level of confidence that I needed at that point in time."

"[You gotta] cut them loose for the good of the crew and the good of the season," he said. "There's a fine line there."

See more from Lee in the video below.