'Below Deck': Izzy Walks in on James and Elizabeth's Cabin Hookup! (Exclusive)

James Hough and Elizabeth Francini cuddle up on Bravo's 'Below Deck.'

Deckhand James Hough and stewardess Elizabeth Frankini are taking their romance to new heights… on the bottom bunk.

Nothing says romance quite like cramming two bodies into a twin-sized bunk bed in tight crew quarters aboard a luxury yacht in the middle of the night, right? Well, that's exactly the scene Izzy Wouters steps into in ET's exclusive first look at Monday's all-new episode of Below Deck.

The deckhand is up late (like, 3:09 in the morning late) on "Delores duty," aka monitoring to make sure the drunken charter guest who jumped off the boat the night before and forced Captain Lee Rosbach to call off her group's trip because of her bad behavior doesn't do anything else before the yacht reaches shore. New deckhand Rob Phillips texts Izzy to let her know it's shift change time and she’s free to go to bed… but when she arrives in her cabin, she finds fellow deckhand James Hough and stewardess Elizabeth Frankini in the throes of passion. At first, James tries to deny that Elizabeth is in his bunk, but the sheets tell a different story and Izzy isn’t amused.

"I'm f**king sick," she proclaims, and she means literally. She’s been battling a head cold all day.

"All I wanna do is go to bed, but there's no way I can sleep," she adds. "It smells like a sweaty, manky hostel in here! Like, it is just feral."

Izzy tells the pair to "have fun," grabs her pajamas and hightails it to Elizabeth’s bunk, claiming her co-star's bed for the night. Watch the whole ordeal all play out here:

See what happens next on Below Deck, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.