'Below Deck's Kate Chastain Responds to Speculation About Newborn Son's Paternity

Kate Chastain
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chastain took to Twitter to address rumors that her former 'Below Deck' co-star, Ben Robinson, is the father of her infant son.

Kate Chastain is responding to speculation surrounding the paternity of her newborn son.

The Below Deck alum took to Twitter Monday, just days after giving birth to baby Sullivan, to address rumors that her former co-star and friend, chef Ben Robinson, is the father of her infant son.

"For the record, the only thing this handsome guy has in common with any chef is the tendency to get emotional around meal times," Chastain tweeted, alongside a photo of a sleeping Sullivan all bundled up.

The speculation started after Chastain announced Sullivan's birth on Friday, with fans taking to the comments to surmise that Robinson is the little one's father after the new mom shared the first photos of the newborn.

"Why does the baby look like a mini chef Ben lol," one Instagram user wrote, with another calling him "100000% bens kid."

Other comments pointed out the "resemblance" between Sullivan and Robinson, with one reading, "tell me Ben’s the dad without telling me Ben’s the dad 😂."

Robinson, meanwhile, has not addressed the comments.

And while the longtime friends have admitted to hooking up between seasons 2 and 3 of the Bravo show, they are not together.

Robinson has been with girlfriend Kiara Cabral since 2020, with Chastain last publicly dating soccer player Ro Hernandez in 2016.

The Below Deck: Galley Talk co-stars have remained friendly over the years, with Robinson most recently taking to Instagram last month to wish Chastain an "easy delivery."

"Who knew that Kate Chastain and I would be the same weight one day… But to be fair I have been hitting the gym! Please wish my great friend @kate_chastain an easy delivery and a healthy beautiful baby!," Robinson wrote. "I am so proud of who you have become and the mother you will soon be❤️ ."

Chastain shared the news of her son's arrival via Instagram on Friday, along with a photo. "Hard Launch: Sullivan Cay 💙," she captioned a pic of her and Sullivan.

The baby's arrival comes after Chastain, who appeared on six seasons of the Bravo show before exiting in 2020, revealed in December 2022 that she was pregnant. As she later told ET, she was not yet at the 12-week mark when she had to attend BravoCon in New York City in October 2022, which made for a tricky trip. 

"The hardest thing was, you're really not supposed to share until you're at week 12 and BravoCon was week 11 and a half," she said. "So, here I am, the biggest weekend, partying, drinks -- everybody in the Bravo universe, 'Come out, have drinks with us!' I must have told at least 43 people I was on antibiotics, and I'm such a bad liar that I just started locking myself in my hotel room because everybody was there having a good time, and I was pretty sure people were on to me because, Kate Chastain, you're not having a drink with us? Are you [OK]?"

While she did eventually announce the special news, the first-time mom has kept details on how the pregnancy came to be to a minimum. "I wasn't planning it, but I was hoping for it," she told ET. "It is a happy miracle, and I would love to share every detail with how it happened and everything, but I think I’m gonna be a good mom because I’m realizing, like, this is not just my information. Like, my unborn child, one day, will have access to the Internet and we'll be able to Google, and I just feel like it's not just my information to share." 

She will, however, be posting her child on social media. "I respect people's privacy, but I’m going to be obsessed with this baby, obviously, and if I put that limitation on myself to be careful, it wouldn't last," she said, referencing other stars who purposely hide their kids' faces online. "I'm just gonna be like, 'Look how cute! Look how cute my baby is!'" 

Ultimately, Chastain said she was looking forward to motherhood.

"I just think it's gonna be so fun," she said. "I don't mean to keep comparing it to my dog, but it's my only point of reference, and my mom said to me, 'Well, think about how much you love your dog. Now, imagine if your dog could talk back to you!'"