Ben Affleck and Matt Damon On Producing New Biopic Starring Jennifer Lopez

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Ben Affleck is turning to someone close to home for his next big film project. Affleck and producing partner Matt Damon recently opened up about an upcoming biopic the pair are developing and confirmed that Jennifer Lopez is set to star.

Affleck and Damon recently sat down for an interview with CBS News, while promoting their upcoming film Air, which tells the story of Nike visionary Sonny Vaccaro and his efforts to make a groundbreaking promotional deal with a young Michael Jordan.

The film was the first project from Damon and Affleck's newly formed production company, Artists Equity. Now, the pair are already working on their second film under the banner.

"Air is their company's first offering, with more to come soon," Affleck shared. "We're just getting rolling on working again with Amazon, to do the story of a wrestler named Anthony Robles, who was born with one leg and won a National Championship for Arizona State."

When pressed on reports that Lopez had been tapped to star in the project, Affleck first played coy, stating, "We always hire the very best performers. And in this case, I can say every single person that's been cast so far I think is the very absolute best choice."

When pressed again, Affleck confirmed, "Yes, I believe Jennifer Lopez may be doing that movie."

"Can't make it look like she's doing it as a favor to me, but actually she is," he added. Affleck also expressed his excitement to get to work with her on a project now that they are married.

"What fun, what a joy to do something with her, see her be great, go to work with your wife, go to work with your best friend,' He shared. "Because ultimately, like, your work becomes the lion's share of what defines your life, in terms of the time you spend. And if you don't like who you're working with, and if you have difficulty or trouble at work, I think it's one of the things that can really cause depression, anxiety and pain for people."

"And conversely, [if] you love the people at work, you probably have a pretty good life, you know?" he added.

According to Deadline, Lopez is set to star in the biopic, titled Unstoppable, alongside Jharrel Jerome, who will play the real-life wrestler the film is about.

Meanwhile, Affleck and Damon's Air hits theaters Apr. 5.


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