Watch Ben Affleck Struggle to Squeeze His Car Out of Tight Parking Spot in L.A.

The actor bumped the car in front of him several times while trying to get his car out.

Ben Affleck is struggling to get out of a tight spot. On Monday, the 50-year-old actor was spotted in Brentwood, California, as he tried to get his Mercedes-Benz out from between two other parked cars.

In the video, the actor realizes the tight squeeze and initially decides to hang out by his car, smoking a cigarette with his signature Dunkin' coffee nearby.

Eventually, though, the actor attempted to make his exit, repeatedly bumping the car in front of him as he did so. After several adjustments, Affleck was able to drive away from the 45-minute debacle.

The car frustration came the same month that Affleck and his wife, Jennifer Lopez, got thematically matching tattoos. Afterward, a source told ET that the couple got their ink to show their commitment to each other "in a cool, fun and unique way." 

With that in mind, the source said Lopez "listened to Ben's input on what they ultimately decided to go with because he already has so many tattoos." The source added that Lopez trusted Affleck and she "knew he would have a good idea of what would look good on both of them."

Ultimately, the source said both Lopez were "very happy" with their fresh ink.