Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Score Millions for Super Bowl Commercial (Exclusive)

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Ben Affleck is running to the bank on Dunkin’! The 50-year-old actor turned his obsession with the brand into a lucrative multimillion-dollar deal.

A source tells ET that the actor-director signed a deal with Dunkin' Donuts worth "over $10 million dollars."  In addition to the paycheck, Affleck's partnership with the franchise includes a donation to his non-profit, the Eastern Congo Initiative

As for his wife, Jennifer Lopez's, cameo in Sunday's Dunkin' Super Bowl spot, the source tells ET that her "involvement in the commercial was a total surprise."

"When she showed up to set, Ben told her to go through the drive-thru and film something," says the source. "Dunkin’ loved the interaction and added it to the ad.”

The source adds that the 53-year-old star's appearance in the commercial garnered her "just over a $1 million dollar paycheck."

Decades before his seven-figure payday, Affleck also got a check from another doughnut shop. The Oscar winner once told ET that his first paycheck was for washing dishes at a doughnut shop in Boston.

"My very first paycheck I got -- got a job as a dishwasher, in high school. Croissant du Jour, which is no longer in business in Boston. It was basically like a doughnut shop. They were trying to act cool," Affleck told ET in 2003 of the gig. "A $130. Never forgot it."

Affleck recently filmed the commercial for Dunkin', which was founded in his home state of Massachusetts.

"Ben planned out the whole thing and wanted something like a hidden camera commercial," the source tells ET. "As part of his deal with Dunkin’ he will film another commercial down the road." 


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