Best Super Bowl 2023 Commercials: Bradley Cooper, Alicia Silverstone and More Celebs in Big Game Spots

See all the star-studded, wildly expensive ads airing during this year's face-off between the Eagles and the Chiefs.

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without some star-studded commercials! Every year, families gather around the television on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the fun and exciting TV spots -- and also a football game.

The nation's biggest companies shell out millions to craft hilarious, clever, touching and downright wild ads for the annual sporting event. Designed to make viewers laugh, cry or bond with one another, advertisers spare no expense to capture people's hearts and minds.

As the popularity of the ads has grown over the years, the commercials don't just debut during the big game, either. Companies release teasers for the commercials, as well as viral and social media campaigns that hype up expectations, which drop long before kickoff ever comes.

So, as the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Philadelphia Eagles, we're rounding up all the Super Bowl LVII commercials as they are released, and air, in real-time! Enjoy!

Dunkin' -- "Drive-Thru"

One of the more teased and hotly anticipated Super Bowl ads this year proved to also be one of the funniest. In the ad, Ben Affleck plays himself, and works as a drive-thru cashier at a Dunkin' in Medford, Massachusetts. He snaps selfies with fans and goes unrecognized by non-fans -- until wife Jennifer Lopez shows up, confused and understandably annoyed.

Booking.Com -- "Somewhere, Anywhere"

Melissa McCarthy lends her star power and comedy chops to this elaborate musical commercial for the travel booking site. With a multitude of sets, extras (including a cameo from her real-life husband, Ben Falcone) and costumes, McCarthy is perfect for this fun and catchy commercial.

Bud Light -- "Bud Light Hold: Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy'

No one likes being on hold, but at long as you have Bud Light to liven things up, you'll be OK. This is the message of this simple but memorable ad featuring real-life couple Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry Teller, who dance around their house together to kill the boredom of being stuck on hold and listening to electronic muzak.

Busch Beer -- "The Busch Guide: Cold + Smooth Survival Skills"

What do you get when you mix a lumberjack-inspired survivalist living in the wilderness and Sarah McLachlan poking gentle fun at her own emotional ASPCA animal rights ads? You get this odd and endearing commercial for Busch beer that really calls to the hearts of rugged outdoorsy types.

Paramount+ -- "Stallone Face"

To promote their streaming service's wide and eclectic array of different shows, Paramount+ returned to the frozen Paramount Mountain for a funny, weird and surreal ad featuring Sylvester Stallone and his family. If you ever wondered what Stallone would look if he was carved into solid rock like a Mount Rushmore face, this answers that oddly specific question.

Draftkings -- "Everyone Gets a Free Bet"

Draftkings went all out when it comes to cameos for their big ad, which revolves around Kevin Hart hosting a Super Bowl party at his house and inviting Ludacris, Tony Hawk, The Undertaker and more.

Hellmann’s US -- "Who’s in the Fridge?"

Jon Hamm and Brie Larson get shrunken down and stuck in a fridge for this mayo ad -- as a pun on their names. Eventually, they get "eaten" by Pete Davidson in a commercial that embraces its own weirdness in a unique way.

Michelob ULTRA -- "Ultra Club: New Members Day"

After spoofing The Big Lebowski last year, Serena Williams returns to her collaboration with Michelob Ultra for a Caddyshack parody, in which she plays golf against a curmudgeonly Brian Cox, alongside a slew of sports stars.

Rakuten -- "Cher Is Back"

Jumping on the reboot bandwagon, Rakuten is tapping into the nostalgic love for Clueless by hiring Alicia Silverstone to reprise her beloved character -- including her iconic ensemble -- for their buzz-worthy big game ad.

Workday -- "Rock Star"

In an effort to get everyone in the business world to start referring to each other as "rock stars" (for some reason), Workday brought on some actual rock stars -- including KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Joan Jett and more -- to show what it takes to be a real rock star.

FanDuel Sportsbook -- "Super Bowl Kick of Destiny"

Rob Gronkowski is headed back to the Super Bowl -- but in commercial form, as the spokesman for FanDuel.

Doritos -- "Jack's New Angle"

Doritos is tapping into musical star power with their Jack Harlow-led ad that teams him up with Missy Elliott and Elton John for an ad that sees Harlow move away from his rap career and into a career based on playing the triangle. Because Doritos are shaped like triangles.

GM x Netflix -- "Why not an EV?"

In a fascinating new collaboration, Netflix and GM have partnered up to promote and normalize EV cars, with a commercial seeing Will Ferrell traversing the Netflix multiverse of premiere TV shows. Blending zombies, regency dramas, Stranger Things and rom-coms, this big-budget blockbuster commercial is next-level.

Avocados From Mexico -- "Make It Better"

Looking back at an alternate past, where things went differently during the days of Adam and Eve, this Avocado commercial imagines a world where people just generally are naked all the time. With Anna Faris as a nude, long-haired Eve next to a very handsome Adam in the buff, this might be the most eye-catching ad for Avocados in recent memory.

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T-Mobile -- "Bradley Cooper and His Mom Attempt A T-Mobile Commercial"

When you hire Bradley Cooper and his mom to make a T-Mobile commercial, you're in good hands. Not because they'll do what you want, but because Cooper is impossibly charming no matter what, and his mom is adorable. So even when everything goes wrong, you still get a really cute commercial out of the whole deal.

e.l.f. Cosmetics -- "e.l.f. Cosmetics Gets Sticky With Jennifer Coolidge"

For their first Super Bowl commercial, e.l.f. Cosmetics had the brilliant idea of get Jennifer Coolidge and then just let her be herself, and the simplicity is captivating.

Pepsi Zero -- "Great Acting or Great Taste?"

Comedy legends Steve Martin and Ben Still are facing off in an acting contest to prove just how much they aren't acting when they say the love Pepsi Zero.

Uber -- "One Hit for Uber One"

Going for a more meta approach to incorporating a celebrity endorsement, this commercial for Uber One sees some ad execs sheepishly asking Diddy to write a jingle for Uber, which he initially refuses. However, when they instead ask him to write a jingle that's also a No. 1 hit, he changes his mind.

Squarespace -- "The Singularity"

Adam Driver jumped on board to star in this narrative-driven conspiracy thriller commercial for Squarespace that seems to pay homage to the vibe of Apple's iconic, classic 1984 commercial, almost 40 years ago.

PopCorners -- "Breaking Good"

There's no shortage of love for Breaking Bad, so watching Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite for anything is a delight. Watching them reprise their characters for a flawless parody of their hit show -- in which they sell PopCorners chips instead of blue meth -- is surprisingly hilarious.

T-Mobile -- "New Year. New Neighbor."

Zach Braff and Donald Faison play neighbors yet again (like they did last year, and like they might be in real life, who can say?) Only this time, they've got a new neighbor -- John Travolta. To celebrate, they all perform a musical number in the street celebrating T-Mobile's home internet.

BIC -- "BIC EZ Reach: The Most Borrowed Lighter"

If you want to make a commercial about lighters, it only makes sense to hire Willie Nelson. BIC took this concept and expanded it by getting Snoop Dogg, and by extension Martha Stewart. All people who use lighters frequently for totally legal reasons, like lighting candles, let's say.

TurboTax -- "Dancer"

The message of this tax-season-timed ad is simple: Let someone else do your taxes for you, so that you can spend that time dancing like no one is watching.

Dexcom G7 -- "Feels Like Magic"

Nick Jonas, who has been very vocal about his struggles with Type 1 diabetes, is the new face of Dexcom G7, a blood glucose monitoring device that could be a game changer for people who are dealing with the condition.

Downy Unstopables -- "Call Me Downy McBride"

Danny McBride is changing his name to Downey McBride, because he loves Downey Unstoppables so much, and he's aggressively making sure everyone knows it. You know, just normal Danny (Downey) McBride stuff.

Pringles -- "Best of Us"

The entire premise of this ad -- which features an adorable Meghan Trainor cameo -- is that you shouldn't get embarrassed when your hand gets stuck in a tube of pringles, because it happens to the "best of us." Include judges, Trainer, airport crews -- everyone! Which makes you wonder why, if they know this is a problem, Pringles refuses to address the issue, but that's neither here nor there.


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