Jennifer Lopez to Star With Ben Affleck in Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

A sources tells ET that the couple is 'very excited' about the commercial.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are teaming up for a Super Bowl ad! The month after Affleck's multimillion-dollar deal with Dunkin' came to light, a source tells ET how that transformed into a Super Bowl commercial with Lopez.

"Ben's Dunkin' commercial was initially supposed to be a regular commercial and campaign, but things changed and now it will be a commercial during the Super Bowl. Jen is also in the commercial," the source says. "The commercial is funny and cute. It shows Ben working at Dunkin' in his free time because he loves it so much. Then Jen pulls up to the drive-thru and asks him, 'What are you doing here? Is this what you do all day?' They're both very excited about it."

In response to the story, Jill Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin', tells ET, "Dunkin' is airing its first-ever Super Bowl ad this year, but you'll have to tune in on Sunday to see what’s 'Ben' brewing."

Last month, a source saw the couple the on the set of a Dunkin' commercial.

"Ben planned out the whole thing and wanted something like a hidden camera commercial," the source told ET at the time, with a second source adding, "Jen and Ben were so loving on set. You can really tell how special their connection is. Jen just adores Ben, and they both lift each other up and make each other feel so happy. It's really sweet to watch."

A different source additionally told ET, "Ben is heavily involved in the commercial as he pitched the script, is directing and starring in it. Ben has loved Dunkin' for years and this partnership couldn't be more perfect. He’s been very hands on with the whole process and is excited for everyone to see."

The 2023 Super Bowl airs Sunday, Feb. 12 on Fox. Stay tuned right here to for more exclusive Super Bowl content.  Additionally, CBS Sports has full in-depth Super Bowl coverage.