Inside Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Commercial and His Multimillion-Dollar Deal

The actor-director has channeled his obsession with the breakfast chain into a lucrative deal.

Affleck runs on Dunkin'! Ben Affleck has channeled his obsession with the breakfast chain into a multimillion-dollar deal.

A source tells ET that the 50-year-old actor-director has signed a deal with Dunkin' worth "several million dollars." 

In addition to the paycheck, Affleck's partnership with Dunkin' includes a donation to his non-profit, the Eastern Congo Initiative. 

Decades before his seven-figure payday, Affleck also got a check from another doughnut shop. The Oscar winner once told ET that his first paycheck was for washing dishes at a doughnut shop in Boston. 

"My very first paycheck I got -- got a job as a dishwasher, in high school. Croissant du Jour, which is no longer in business in Boston. It was basically like a doughnut shop. They were trying to act cool," Affleck told ET in 2003 of the gig. "A hundred thirty bucks. Never forgot it."

Affleck recently filmed a commercial for Dunkin', which was founded in his home state of Massachusetts. 

"Ben planned out the whole thing and wanted something like a hidden camera commercial,” the source tells ET.  

Of course, Affleck was joined on set by his wife, Jennifer Lopez, who seems to be in full support of her man's new venture. 

"Jen and Ben were so loving on set. You can really tell how special their connection is," another source tells ET. "Jen just adores Ben, and they both lift each other up and make each other feel so happy. It's really sweet to watch."

Ben isn't the first Affleck to make a Dunkin' commercial. Back in 2016, his younger brother, Casey Affleck, made a hilarious spoof for Saturday Night Live honoring the chain.