Watch Ben Affleck's Hilarious Outtakes From His Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl Commercial (Exclusive)

Ben Affleck's Boston accent is out in full force in these incredible outtakes from his Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl commercial.

Ben Affleck's Boston accent is out in full force in these incredible outtakes from his much-celebrated Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl commercial. Affleck filmed the commercial in Medford, Massachusetts, where he surprised unsuspecting Dunkin' Donuts customers at the drive thru window.

Affleck hilariously struggles while he attempts to help the customers, at one point telling a man they were out of both coffee and donuts. When the customer replies, "You're shi**ing me," Affleck responds, I'm trying to compensate with comedy for my ineptitude." When another customer asks if he's alright, he laughs, "I'm coming unglued."

A source previously told ET that the 50-year-old actor-director signed a deal with Dunkin' worth "several million dollars."  In addition to the paycheck, Affleck's partnership with Dunkin' includes a donation to his non-profit, the Eastern Congo Initiative. 

A source told ET details last month about Affleck's big commercial, which featured his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

"Ben planned out the whole thing and wanted something like a hidden camera commercial," the source told ET at the time, with a second source adding, "Jen and Ben were so loving on set. You can really tell how special their connection is. Jen just adores Ben, and they both lift each other up and make each other feel so happy. It's really sweet to watch."

Another source previously told ET, "Ben has loved Dunkin’ for years and this partnership couldn’t be more perfect. He’s been very hands-on with the whole process and is excited for everyone to see."