The Story Behind Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Matching Tattoos

The couple on Valentine's Day shared the tattoos featuring each other's initials and names.

For Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, matching tattoos had been a topic of conversation for some time. So when they were ready to pull the trigger, Affleck knew exactly what he wanted.

A source tells ET that the actor and singer-actress wanted to show their commitment to each other "in a cool, fun and unique way." And, with that in mind, the source says Lopez "listened to Ben's input on what they ultimately decided to go with because he already has so many tattoos."

The source adds that Lopez trusted Affleck and she "knew he would have a good idea of what would look good on both of them."

On Valentine's Day, Lopez took to Instagram and revealed that she and Affleck have thematically matching tattoos featuring each other's initials and names.

"Commitment ♾️," Lopez captioned a slideshow of snapshots featuring different cute pics of the married couple. "Happy Valentine’s Day my love."

The tattoos also feature two arrows crossing over each other, with the letters J and B, for Jen and Ben. The cover pic of the carousel post reveals that Lopez got an infinity symbol, bisected by a vintage arrow, tattooed on her side, across her ribs.

The Argo director sure has come a long way since his phoenix rising back tattoo, which J.Lo absolutely hated.

Nevertheless, the source tells ET that "they're very happy with how" the tattoos came out. As for the tattoo placement on Lopez's side and across her ribs, the source says Affleck thinks "Jen's tattoo looks sexy and perfect on her. He loves the spot where she got it."

It's been a big month for the couple -- from going viral and buying a new home to celebrating love with matching tats. 



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