Ben Affleck Tries to Make Peace Between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Amid Longstanding Feud

During Affleck's appearance on Tuesday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' he convinced the host to video chat with Damon.

Despite Ben Affleck's best efforts, it doesn't seem like the longstanding feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon will be ending any time soon.

Affleck sat down on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, while promoting his new film, Air, which stars himself and Damon.

"You have so many great performances in this, so many, I can't even pick who I liked the best," Kimmel gushed during the chat. "You were great in it, Chris Messina, Chris Tucker... Viola Davis, Julius [Tennon], her husband... We had all the great people from the cast on the show."

"Well, you're leaving someone out," Affleck said, delicately. "I mean, Matt Damon's the lead."

No, well, I said all the great people from the film," Kimmel replied.

"I understand you have your feuds and everything, but Matt is a friend of mine," Affleck implored. "Honest to God, it would mean a lot to me if you just asked him one question about the movie. I can get him on the phone."

"Fine, call him, this will be your wedding gift," Kimmel said. "But I'm only asking him one question."

Suddenly, Damon appeared via video conference on a big screen at the back of the set, and was excited to be getting the call.

"What's up guys!? I'm on the show! Zoom style!" Damon declared, as Kimmel argued that it didn't actually count as an appearance. However, true to his word, Kimmel did ask a good, thoughtful question.

"So you play Sonny Vacarro, who I have to admit you captured pretty well, so how do you approach playing a real person versus playing a fictional character?" Kimmel asked, leaving Damon in shock that he didn't just say something insulting or mean.

However, as he began answering, the Zoom call began to glitch out -- and it just so happened to do so when Damon was making inadvertently dumb faces.

And then, the filters began, so even when the connection got better, Damon rocked a mohawk and a lion's mane before moonlighting as a swaying hotdog, leaving the actor increasingly annoyed.

"Why don't you take your 'real' question and your little show and shove it up your big harry a**"," Damon yelled, as the Zoom call was disconnected and Kimmel apologized to the audience for the foul language.

The hilarious exchange -- just another part of the pair's long-running faux feud -- came one day after the two slammed one another at the red carpet premiere of Air.

Speaking with ET, Damon addressed he'd ever be interested in burying the hatchet and just moving on. Damon exclaimed, "No, no, he's an a**hole. Why would I ever do that?"

"He's a terrible human being," Damon stressed. "He's a terrible human being. He's a demonstrably bad man."

ET also caught up with Kimmel on Monday, and asked if he and Damon might ever reconcile on his show -- or even have an episode totally devoted to Damon. Kimmel shot the idea down, sharing, "I just can't imagine it happening. I really can't. I think we have Ben [Affleck] on tomorrow, so we'll have that, but that will be as close as we get."