'BET Presents: The Encore' Singers Talk Possible Season 2 and Aubrey O'Day and Nivea's Exits (Exclusive)

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It's the end of BET Presents The Encore but just the beginning for the show's fierce new foursome, BluPrint. Comprised of Kiely Williams, Fallon King, Felisha King and Shamari Devoe, the final members of the ambitious reality series closed out the first season with a performance of their new single, "Birds Eye View." The group virtually sat down with ET to break down that intense finale and discuss what their future as a group looks like now that they've released their eponymous EP.

"[We] hope that the fans are really excited about it and that they love it," Kiely says about the foursome's BluPrint release. "That they really appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears. Lots of tears went into making this EP for them." 

Although none of the women know if there will be another season of the show -- whether that's a follow-up to their journey as a group or something else entirely -- they're definitely invested in their possibilities. For Shamari, the experience was a worthwhile one, even with the rocky path.

"I love the music... It's the performance, that's my favorite part about just being an entertainer. So, of course I would love to go on tour with BluPrint. I would love that," she asserts. "I want to go further than the EP. Like, I want to travel -- I want to do big things with BluPrint because I feel like we have chemistry and a lot of people are probably shocked." 

As for the women who began the series but left before BluPrint was officially formed, Felisha and Fallon say they have "nothing but love" for former members Irish Grinstead, Lemisha Grinstead, Nivea and Pamela Long.

"We all had an experience and we learned from it and we've grown from it. And I just think that every single one of those women were there for a reason and we did everything that we came to do," Fallon shares, adding that Shamari still keeps in touch with a few of the women. And although Fallon and Felisha note that they don't believe any of their former castmates regret their decision to leave, none of them are closing the door for their former castmates to return, especially Nivea.

In fact, Kiely says she'd be happy to move to the background and "do a little two-step" if that was necessary to bring the "Laundromat" singer back into the fold. 

"Nivea was such a huge loss to the show, but also to the group," she says, sharing that the singer's departure was a big driving force in her decision to join the group. "And I'm not saying that I could fill Nivea's shoes, but that really was the driving force because she was just such an inspiration to everybody. She was such a light to everybody and, you know, something big needed to happen if Nivea's going to leave."

When it comes to former cast member Aubrey O'Day, the sentiments are a little less welcoming. The Danity Kane singer was notably absent from the series after storming out of the studio in episode four. She took to Instagram to announce her decision to leave the country back in July, writing that she had sold her place in America and "just boarded my flight to a new life."

Shamari sums up her thoughts on the singer with a simple, "Good riddance and good luck."

Kiely expands, explaining that fans can see how Aubrey didn't mesh with the group on the series. "I mean, at least I could tell when I watch it back, who's there for what reasons," she adds. "I think you can really clearly see who was there to really make something, who was like super passionate, even if it made them look bad sometimes."

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Still, the foursome born from the show's tumultuous run is hopeful for what comes next. Shamari declares that she's more than ready for a tour and even a season two, which Fallon and Felisha could be persuaded to join for the right price. Her excitement is so infectious that even Kiely, who was staunchly against being involved in the girl group as a member throughout the season, admits that she "wouldn't want to be in any other girl group except for this one." 

Although the former 3LW member concedes that she initially didn't want to be in the group, working with her fellow members has changed the way she sees the experience.

"I did not want to be in this one," she says, "but now that I'm in it and I've gotten to work with these ladies in a different way and we've started to kind of build that trust that I look for in girl groups, I am very honored."


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