Bethenny Frankel on Her New Podcast and Friendship With Dorinda Medley After 'RHONY' Exit (Exclusive)

Bethenny Frankel says Dorinda Medley getting let go from 'RHONY' is the 'best thing that could have happened to her.'

Bethenny Frankel is opening up about turning a new leaf when it comes to her friendship with fellow former Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley. ET's Kevin Frazier exclusively spoke with the 49-year-old Skinnygirl founder about her new podcast, Just B With Bethenny Frankel -- the candid conversation airing on Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday -- and she also discussed recently spending time with Medley after Medley announced she was leaving RHONY after five seasons.

Earlier this month, Frankel shared footage of her and 55-year-old Medley on a boat together in Greenwich, Connecticut, on her Instagram Story. Frankel, who had a hot and cold relationship with Medley on the show, quit RHONY in August 2019 for the second time. As for Medley, a source told ET in August that she was fired from the Bravo show.

Frankel told ET that their friendship has definitely strengthened after both leaving the show.

"We have gotten really much closer and it is better that we got closer not being on the show, because it means that it is not because of the show," she says. "And many friends are forged because of the show and then you get off and you are not interested in being friends with those people, so she and I, we are very good at giving advice to each other, life advice. I think she is a great person."

Frankel said she wants to work with Medley professionally again, and noted that Medley getting fired from RHONY was a blessing in disguise.

"I am working on a project with her. You know, I have a production company and I think she would be great for a certain project and it is amazing," she shares. "I think it is the best thing that ever happened to her that she was let go, because she is sort of blossoming and coming alive. ... She would have left but she did not realize it was time for her to leave, so for this time, it was time for her to leave and she did, and she is really happy and she is feeling herself right now, which is great."

As for Frankel, she has plenty going on, including her new podcast, Just B With Bethenny Frankel. The podcast focuses on being a self-made mogul in business, and features interviews with the likes of Maria Shriver, entrepreneur Mark Cuban and UFC president Dana White.

"It's not about gossip, it's not about who someone's dating or, you know, anything nonsense," she says. "It's all about, like, explaining how people got to where they are. These people are all game changers, they are all visionaries, you know, geniuses, billionaires and that's the bar, you know? I really only have people on who have really made a mark in this world and they are giving it all, they are really giving me everything, so there's so much that people aren't getting anywhere else."

Frankel says one common theme she's seen through interviewing extremely successful people on her podcast is their incredible work ethic, and that they're willing to do the "old school hard work." She also shared with ET what she's learned from some of her guests, including Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen.

"I did not realize how decisive he is until we talked in our podcast," she shares. "He's sort of chilling and hanging out and that was something like, 'Oh wow, me too.' And I didn’t realize that Andy Cohen had to have a job in high school, like, had to have a job, and I'm like, 'Oh wow, OK.' And Mark Cuban said to me ... another person who's a mentor to me said, 'People who are unhappy are unhappier when they make money. People who are happy are happier when they make money.' So, think about this treasure of just data and information about life and the type of person who is successful that I'm getting. Dana White, who is the head of the UFC, said there is no 'no,' and I'm the same. He's like, 'There is no 'no.' Don’t tell me.' I said, 'My motto is a place of yes.' I have something in common with all these people and they have something in common with each other, so it's really cool."

Tune in to Wednesday's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more with Frankel, including her thoughts on rumors that Kathy Hilton could be joining RHONY.


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