Beyonce Choreographer JaQuel Knight Says Her 2018 Coachella Performance Will Be a Game Changer

The man behind Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' is hard at work on Queen Bey's headlining festival set.

“Amazing, beyond, iconic, life.” Those are the four words Beyonce’s lead choreographer, JaQuel Knight, used to describe the music superstar’s upcoming Coachella performance.

The GRAMMY winner is set to headline the annual Indio, California music festival in 2018, her first major gig since giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter in June. Beyonce was originally scheduled to perform at the 2017 festival, but postponed her appearance after announcing she was pregnant.

“We're getting ready for Coachella and you know, that's going to change the game,” Knight teased of the highly anticipated performance. “Be ready for a good time. A good ol' time.”

Knight, who was recently named one of Forbes’ 2018 "30 Under 30," first worked with Beyonce while choreographing her iconic 2009 "Single Ladies" music video.

“‘Single Ladies’ is still a moment that I have yet to put into words,” he said of the VMA-winning video. “The impact that that piece had on culture and music and what it's done for Beyonce, even, is just mind-blowing. It's something that's going to hopefully last forever.”

Since then, Knight has gone on to help design and choreograph Beyonce’s masterful performances for both Super Bowl appearances, the "Formation" video and her last two world tours. So what are the biggest lessons he’s learned from working with Queen Bey?

“Never settle and always be yourself,” he said. “One thing working with her is she always wants the greatest and the best and she always pulls it out of you.”

As for whether Knight is sitting around waiting for Bey’s next big project like the rest of us, he joked he’s currently enjoying his free time.

“Once we get started, it is a never-ending process,” he admitted.

Still, Knight doesn’t exactly have all the free time in the world these days. Most recently, the 28-year-old choreographed N*E*R*D and Rihanna’s "Lemon" video. Watch the video below to learn how to "Lemon."


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