'Big Brother All-Stars': Alliances Get Torched in the Most Dramatic Eviction of the Season

Big Brother All-Stars

The latest Big Brother All-Stars eviction might have been the most dramatic of the season thus far. Alliances were revealed and underhanded game play was brought out into the open as the house prepared to vote out Kaysar Ridha or Christmas Abbott.

From the start of the week, the deck was stacked against Kaysar. He'd been best friends with Janelle Pierzina, and after she got voted out last week, everyone's sights were set on him.

Despite his best efforts to win the Head of Household competition, he lost out to Enzo Palumbo and ended up on the chopping block. Enzo, however, had to pick a second target as well and decided to go for Kevin Campbell -- likely knowing more people would vote for Kaysar than Kevin.

However, Kevin ended up winning the Power of Veto vote earlier this week, and he took himself off the block. In a risky move, Christmas volunteered to be put up for elimination and Kaysar's fate was once again sealed.

Seemingly knowing he was doomed, Kaysar decided to essentially go out with a bang. When it came time to make one final appeal to his fellow houseguests, Kaysar decided to just start tossing bombs and revealing everything he knew.

"I just want to say I really love every one of you guys on a personal level. Now, when it comes to game play and strategy, I think you guys all suck," Kaysar began. "Here's why: Cody and Nicole have been running this house since day one. And they have a secret alliance that's going to take them all the way to the end."

"Meanwhile, the guys have an alliance. Enzo -- I already knew when we were talking -- with David and Tyler, because it was obvious," he continued. "Then last alliance, of course, Dani and Nicole and Cody. Cody finds himself in this love triangle. But no one's willing to take a shot. So, here I am sitting around on the block." 

"So, if you want to have a reunion and sit around and play charades, then keep things the same. If you want to play All-Stars, keep me here and we'll continue to play," Kaysar concluded, before almost sarcastically adding, "I hope I have your vote."

As it turns out, he did have their vote -- although not in the way he may have hoped. Every single person voted to kick Kaysar out, and with a tally of 10-0, his time in the Big Brother house came to an end.

While Kaysar's revelations were largely on-point -- what with the bonds and connections he'd seen -- a lot of the alliances are already on shaky ground. Additionally, as Janelle predicted last week, Kaysar never suspected Memphis' involvement in any of them.

After packing up his stuff and exiting the house, Kaysar spoke with host Julie Chen Moonves, who revealed that Memphis -- whom Kaysar saw as an ally for most of his time in the house -- was actually the one who began the alliance that he tried to tear down.

"Man, they got me. I didn't see that one coming. That was really good," Kaysar admitted. "That is a shocker. No wonder he kept saying, 'There's nothing going on in this house.' That's incredible. I didn't see it coming at all. That's a huge blindside."

With Kaysar gone, the houseguests all came together to compete in the next HoH competition, and Christmas ended up grabbing the title... which is when Julie shared the news of a whole new twist: the Big Brother Basement!

While it's not entirely clear what this will mean for the game, Julie says the Big Brother Basement is a new room in the house that will be used for a competition held completely in the dark and which will award three "game changing powers" to the winners. The details will be revealed during Sunday's episode.

Big Brother All-Stars airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and the live eviction airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.


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