'Big Brother' Evictee Janelle Pierzina Expresses Her Extreme Dislike for Housemate Nicole Franzel (Exclusive)

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Janelle Pierzina is getting candid about her eviction fromBig Brother All-Stars -- and her extreme dislike for housemate Nicole Franzel. The two reality stars have a history and, as Pierzina tells ET's Lauren Zima, she has no desire to maintain any type of relationship with her post-BB.

"We played the Amazing Race together and there are situations and scenarios and gameplay that she did where I saw something in her. I did not trust her because she backstabbed someone," Pierzina reveals. "So when I saw her in the house, cool, we had this little past friendship but it is hard for me. I never trusted her. She is very insecure and I knew that going in, and I have to constantly tell her she is good. I just could not keep up with it, honestly, in the house, and obviously she had such an alliance to me at this point. She knows I don't like her."

Pierzina even got specific, telling ET that she can't stand Franzel's "whining and her voice is insufferable to me. I absolutely hate hearing her voice."

The feeling is mutual for Franzel who, after Pierzina got evicted, sent her a message saying, "Don't come to my wedding."

"I mean, I was not going to come anyway," Pierzina expresses. "I had a cheer competition with my daughters this weekend, so I still will keep it classy and send them a nice gift."

However, the four-time Big Brother contestant is adamant about not having any more to do with Franzel.

"I will not have a relationship with Nicole Franzel once this season has wrapped," she blatantly states. "I have no desire to maintain that sort of relationship with her and I've never trusted her and honestly...I just, I don't like her gameplay. That's it."

One person she is rooting for now that she's left the house is her friend, Kaysar Ridha.

"I've never left on the block with Kaysar. He's always left before me. But I knew this time it's different because of my history and what I've done in the game," she recalls. "I was actually OK with it because I did want to give Kaysar a chance to experience playing without me and see how well he does."

"I think he'll do all right. I mean, obviously he's still a big, huge target because he knows the alliance in the house," she continues. "He will absolutely go after those guys. You know, it all comes down to who wins power. If one of the people not in that alliance wins power, I think there's a very good chance that they do go after the alliance."

As for the advice she sends her pal? "Don't trust Memphis [Garrett], short and sweet," she says.

And when it comes to her predictions on nominations, she says it's either "Kaysar or David [Alexander]."

"What I hope he does is, I hope he puts up Nicole and Ian [Terry]. Not that Nicole would leave," she notes. "But I know in the past, I've talked with Enzo [Palumbo] and we've kinda talked a little strategy...That's, like, an easy nomination because they're both winners."

And while she's rooting for Ridha and would love for Bayleigh Dayton to do well, she hopes Palumbo will win this game. "I would be so, so happy. He's a single dad, he's a nice guy," she says. "I hope he wins."

Meanwhile, this might not be the last time fans see Pierzina, who also told EW after her eviction that she would love to sign up for Survivor.

Big Brother: All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS. Watch ET's interview with Nicole Anthony on being the second evicted houseguest in the video below.


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