'Big Brother All-Stars': Ian Terry on His Eviction and Who He Wants to Join Him in Jury (Exclusive)

Terry was evicted during an emotional episode of the CBS series on Thursday.

He pleaded his case, insisting he still had “a lot to give” to his housemates. But Big Brother: All-Stars housemate (and former winner) Ian Terry came up short, the sixth houseguest to get evicted -- and the first member of the jury -- by a close vote during an emotional episode of the CBS reality series on Thursday.

Up on the nomination block alongside power player Tyler Crispen, thanks to a haphazard decision by Head of Household Daniele Donato-Briones, Terry -- who became the franchise's youngest champion when he won season 14 -- was eliminated by a vote of 5 to 3. His closet ally in the house, fellow Big Brother winner Nicole Franzel opted to stick with her majority alliance, The Committee, that's been dominating the game and was one of the five votes to evict Terry. 

“Over the past eight years, I’ve given a lot to this game and it’s given me a lot back,” he said before his fellow houseguests entered the Diary Room to cast their votes. “In regards to this particular game, I feel like I still have a lot to give, so if I can help your game in any way, please keep me in.”

Because Terry is now a member of the jury, which will help determine the winner of Big Brother: All-Stars on finale night, the game continues on -- even though he is no longer an active participant. That meant questions regarding any strategy, game play, intel or conversations Terry was not privy to or did not witness himself during his time within the Big Brother walls were off-limits, including how members of The Committee were caught on the live feeds seemingly making fun of Ian’s behavior, which he can’t control because he is on the autism spectrum, or Franzel's supposed faked live vote reaction during Thursday's episode to garner sympathy from Terry.

Following Terry's eviction, ET spoke with the newly-minted jury member on Friday afternoon after he exited the house and into the jury. 

ET: You were dressed like you knew this was it. When did you know the house was keeping Tyler?

Ian Terry: I felt like I was definitely going to be losing the vote -- or at least very likely to -- around late Tuesday night/early Wednesday. That being said, I did have athletic shoes ready to go on the side in case I did get the votes. So, it wasn’t, “Oh, I’m giving up.” I wanted to dress up and if I did stay, I would’ve been ready to go and play.

Tyler exposed his alliance to you in his goodbye message, and you were excited about it -- even the Nicole part! Why?

Frankly, I’m not going to look down on good game play. I would much rather lose because I got outfoxed by good players than because I got unlucky. That’s just how I am. It’s easier to live with that than if I just got really unlucky and lost. If someone plays well and I lose, so be it. That’s the way it should go.

Were you surprised it took someone this long to put one of the winners -- you or Nicole -- on the block?

I actually was a bit surprised by that. I am happy that both of the winners evaded nomination for a long time... I know for a while we were joint record-holding. Now Nicole has that record to herself, as far as evading nominations as a previous winner.

Who do you hope is next to leave the house and join you in jury?

I think the house could use a little bit of a shake-up to keep things competitive. So, if Cody were to join me in the jury house, I think that would be a really exciting sequence. I’m hoping that happens, just to keep things interesting.

This time around seemed to be harder on you mentally than your first season. Why?

I think this time around was way more difficult than my original seasons, and I think a large part of the reason is, one, the caliber of play is much stronger in this All-Stars cast. And two, everybody is pretty agreeable and I got along with everyone [which] made it harder, because it’s much more difficult to vote out people you like. In my original season, it was quite easy to vote off some folks because I plain disliked them.

What’s the one thing you would go back and do differently or a moment you think could have changed the game for you?

I would have to go back to week one and find some way to ensure I was in the large alliance. The way Big Brother is, you want to be in the large alliance when it forms in the early goings. If you’re not in, you’re going to have a really uphill battle. I would go all the way back and find a way in there.

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