'Big Brother All-Stars': Surprise Triple Eviction Night Shakes Up the Game In a Big Way

Kevin Campbell

Big Brother All-Stars is really picking up steam. Thursday's new, jam-packed two-hour episode saw three houseguests get the axe in a surprise triple eviction!

Going into Thursday's show, Kevin Campbell and David Alexander found themselves on the chopping block, nominated by Cody Calafiore. After both failed to win the Power of Veto, neither of them had a chance of getting out of the situation, so it all came down to the votes. And the fact that Thursday's episode was going to see three houseguests depart was not made apparent until later in the night.

Despite a strong effort on Kevin's part to win over a few fellow houseguests, it was clear that the group felt Kevin was a bigger threat than David, and by a unanimous vote of 6-0, David managed to make it through yet another eviction. Kevin's fifth time on the chopping block proved to be his last.

Speaking to host Julie Chen Moonves, Kevin said he wasn't surprised to be evicted, but thought that he'd at least get some "pity votes."

"My time was up," Kevin admitted. "I've been struggle-busing through this. Every week I have been fighting for my life... it just was my time."

Kevin also got emotional reflecting on how the show has been a platform for him to talk about social issues -- often using his time on the block to share messages about activism and social justice.

"I just wanted to represent my community as much as possible and honor them in the best way," Kevin shared.

Despite surviving the first vote, David's safety was short-lived. It was soon revealed to the houseguests that another elimination was in the cards. After a Head of Household competition surrounding a trivia challenge, Memphis Garrett ended up nabbing the title.

Instead of going after some major targets or shaking things up, Memphis decided to continue to pursue his season-long vendetta against David and put him on the block yet again, this time against Nicole Franzel.

There wasn't a lot of time for either houseguest to make a case for themselves -- since the show was essentially burning through what would normally be two weeks of game play in two hours. This vote, however, was quite a bit closer, as Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott both tried to oust the more dangerous Nicole.

After a final vote of 3-2, David's Big Brother journey came to an end, and he masked up and headed out to talk with Julie without much fanfare on the way out of the house.

"I'm proud. I feel vindicated," David said, "to come here in the all-star season and come [this far]."

Due to a technical mishap, the houseguests were accidentally made aware of the plans for a triple eviction before they voted, but after David's departure to the Jury House, Julie informed them officially, and everyone began to quietly panic.

The remaining seven houseguests once again went out into the backyard for another trivia-based HoH challenge, and this time -- based on an almost arbitrary series of true or false questions -- Tyler emerged victorious, and was placed in the position of having to nominate two more houseguests on the fly.

Despite protests and pleading from both Nicole and Dani Briones, Tyler targeted both them for the chopping block, with only a Veto Challenge to save either of them.

The Veto Challenge required contestants to run across balance beams and collect pieces of a sign that they then had to reassemble. It was a surprisingly difficult, physical challenge and it was clear from the start that Tyler was in it to win it -- and he did.

Tyler, as expected, opted not to use the Veto, and the final eviction all came down to a teary-eyed Nicole and a fiery Dani, who used her final speech to threaten Tyler and Christmas, and she promised to put them both on the block next week if she managed to stay in the house.

However, by a vote of 4-0, Dani was evicted and Nicole was left to figure out how to stay alive during the next round of evictions.

Big Brother All-Stars airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and the live eviction airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

For more on the wild drama from this season of Big Brother All-Stars, check out the video below.


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