'Big Brother': Daniel Durston Has Fans Raging After Bringing Taylor Hale to Tears With Screaming Tirade

After a rocky time on season 24, Daniel has been crowned as the most hated contestant ever by many on Twitter.

Big Brother has had a long history of iconic "villains" and players who are so conniving that fans almost respect just how cutthroat they really are. Then, there are players that get fans to simply hate them and root for their downfall and expedient eviction.

On Wednesday's new episode of Big Brother Season 24, the already-controversial Daniel Durston cemented his place as one of the most reviled houseguests in recent memory.

Daniel has already faced a lot of criticism for his treatment of Taylor Hale, and he even nominated her for eviction in the first week. He's been obsessed with getting her out of the house, and has been working with Nicole Layog toward that goal.

On Wednesday, things came to a head when Taylor -- who was coupled with Nicole as part of the show's "Bestie Twist" -- tried to show some support to an emotional Nicole. However, Nicole interpreted it as a passive aggressive attack (although no one else in the room seemed to hear it that way), and she told Daniel about what she thought Taylor was telling her.

In response, Daniel lost his cool and confronted Taylor in front of a bunch of other houseguests, yelling, "Don't speak to me until the finale... the same s**t you did to Paloma, you're doing to her. You can f**k right off."

Taylor initially thought he was joking, but when it became clear that he wasn't kidding she tried to talk with him in the living room, and Daniel blamed her for Paloma having to leave the show earlier this season.

"No, stop. I will never forget what you did to Paloma," Daniel yelled. "You think she didn't spiral because of you? You didn't add to that? And now you're trying to do it to Nicole, the mind games?"

At this, Nicole was brought to tears. She tried to talk thing over with Nicole -- and even apologize for the misunderstanding -- only to be coldly shot down. To add insult to injury, Nicole then intentionally threw the Veto Competition, under the belief that it would lead to Taylor going up for eviction.

Needless to say, fans on Twitter -- who have been defending Taylor against most of the entire house this whole season -- laid into Daniel in a serious way.

"Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog are the worst big brother houseguests I’ve ever seen," one user wrote, alongside a clip of the blow-up. "Their treatment of Taylor Hale has been so disgusting to witness."

The second eviction vote of the season goes down Thursday at 9 pm. ET/PT on CBS.