'Big Brother' Germany Continues Filming as Cast Is Unaware of Coronavirus Pandemic

'Big Brother' Germany

Ignorance is bliss?

Big Brother Germany caused major controversy due to the producers' decision to not tell its current 14 competitors about the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The premise of Big Brother of course, depends on the house guests being completely isolated from the outside world and not having communication with anybody not in the house, all while they are under constant surveillance. According to The Guardian, the competitors on this season of Big Brother Germany have been in isolation since February 6, when news about the novel coronavirus was only starting to make headlines.

The show's producers defended their decision to keep their contestants in the dark to a German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, noting that the rules of the game are that none of the house guests are allowed outside information unless a family member of theirs is sick. They also said that they were taking special hygiene measures in the house to protect the contestants.

However, the producers changed their decision after outcry from viewers, and will now tell the house guests about the novel coronavirus pandemic in a special live episode airing Tuesday.

This isn't the only time Big Brother has had to disrupt the game due to a major worldwide event. In 2001, producers interrupted Big Brother in America's second season to tell the contestants about 9/11.

For more on how the novel coronavirus has affected the entertainment world, including production halting on major television shows and movies, watch the video below: