'Big Brother' Season 21 Premiere Kicks Off With New Twist!

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Expect the unexpected onBig Brother

The CBS reality series kicked off its season 21 premiere on Tuesday night with a brand new twist! While we were ready for a summer of admiring Jason Momoa lookalike Jack (as were many of the castmembers), soon after entering the house, our 16 new houseguests were tasked with choosing the series' first-ever Camp Director -- who would receive a big advantage (and disadvantage) in the game. 

Plus-size model Jessica seemed like a big favorite to earn the role among the ladies in the house, but server Jackson was able to sway more houseguests in his direction. With a grand total of 10 votes (Jessica got four, and Jack and Nick each got one), Jackson became our first Director of Camp BB. 

"I'm pissed! Like, someone lied to me. A lot of people lied to me. I'm so mad! I have to rethink what I'm going to do," Jessica told the camera -- though we have a feeling she wasn't so upset once she realized what the job entailed. 

"Jackson, congratulations on your new job," host Julie Chen announced, before revealing the twist. "As Camp Director, you will be safe at the first live eviction. As the Director of Camp BB, you must choose to banish four houseguests. The four you choose will be out of the Big Brother game."

Chen continued, explaining that those four houseguests will go head-to-head in a battle for their Big Brother lives, with three eventually returning to the house, and one sent packing before the first eviction takes place. "The only way to stay safe is to make sure Jackson doesn't banish you," Chen reminded the houseguests. 


The cast quickly realized that their game could end before it even begins, while Jackson knew he'd have a big target on his back and three angry houseguests after the competition. We'll find out what he decides when Big Brother's two-night premiere resumes on Wednesday. 

Oh, and that wasn't the only twist -- true to camp form, Chen revealed that some of the houseguests already know each other, like Tommy and Christie. See more on the series in the video below. 


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