'Big Brother' Season 21: Tour the Camp-Themed House! (Exclusive)

Julie Chen gave ET an exclusive look at the outdoorsy new redesign for the upcoming season.

Big Brother is returning for season 21, and the show is taking the contestants back to summer camp with the Big Brother House's wild new theme.

Host Julie Chen gave ET a private, exclusive tour of the freshly renovated digs, which she said is "all about camp" in honor of the summer season.

Chen showed off some of the fun new features of the house, including a wooden ladder that leads right up to what used to be known as the upstairs lounge, but has been transformed into a sweet tree house.

Decked out with a comfy outdoor-stye loveseat and a huge, fish-filled aquarium, the tree house lounge will no doubt be the scene of some shady dealings and strategic meet-ups throughout the course of the upcoming episodes.

Sixteen house guests will be chilling out, playing mind games and facing off in heated competitions for 99 days in front of the watchful lenses of 94 different cameras, all while enjoying the retro comforts of the great outdoors.

And for those who win the weekly challenges and earn the title of Head of Household, there will be some special amenities in the grand HOH bedroom, which features a decidedly Polynesian vibe with its design. 

Those who get to spend a few nights in the HOH bedroom won't only have the luxury of private sleeping arrangements, but a private bathroom as well.

Chen also drew special attention to a feature in the living room: three sizable steel sculptures of elk.

"Now, there are no cameras in them. They're not alive, but this is Big Brother, so they always could be watching," Chen hinted ominously.

The Big Brother Season 21 two-night premiere airs Wednesday, June 24 and Thursday, June 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.