'Big Brother': The Final 6 Becomes Final 4 With Surprise Double Eviction -- See Who Got Sent Packing!

Big Brother 23

As the season races to a close, alliances are being tested and game play challenged during Thursday's two-hour live double eviction!

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

While everyone knew The Cookout was going to have to come to an end on this week of Big Brother, it didn't make it any less difficult and chaotic. Add the fact that the houseguests were hit with a surprise double elimination, and the chaos was kicked up to another level.

If you're anxious to just find out who got kicked out, scroll down below. But first, it's important to see just how this eviction played out over the last week.

Last Thursday, The Cookout made Big Brother history when the six-person alliance accomplished their goal of making sure the season's final six are all Black houseguests, and thus ensuring that this season will see the first Black Big Brother winner ever.

The momentous occasion was cause of celebration, although there was a bittersweet element to the accomplishment, as now The Cookout had to come to a close as the remaining contestants would now have to come after one another in the fight to the finish.

After Claire Rehfuss was evicted, Kyland Young expressed his frustration with Hannah Chaddha over being placed on the block -- instead of any of the other Cookout members. Hannah tried to say it didn't mean anything because they all knew Claire would be going home, but this didn't ease Kyland's distrust.

The eligible house guests then faced off in a Head of Household competition that saw them racing to roll eggs through a chicken coop maze, and in the end Kyland secured the title of HoH.

Kyland and Xavier Prather decided to team up for a Final Two alliance, dubbed The Gentlemen, which meant that the game would likely become a guys vs girls style game -- even with Azah Awasum secretly siding with Kyland, Xavier and Derek Frazier.

When it came time for nominations, Kyland's alliance was revealed when he put Hannah and Tiffany on the block.

The only chance either of them had was if they could nab the Power of Veto in a challenge that involved zip-lining past comic book covers and trying to memorize details. With the quickest time, Kyland ended up earning the Veto power, and chose to keep the nominations the same.

This all-but sealed Tiffany's fate, and led to quite a bit of tension between herself and Kyland. Tiffany made a last-ditch effort to save herself by sowing discord among the others, but the efforts fell on deaf ears.

Much of the first hour of Thursday's jam-packed two-hour episode included a look inside the Jury House, where evicted houseguests Britini D'Angelo, Derek Xiao, Sarah Beth Steagall, Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez put their heads together and quickly deduced the existence of The Cookout -- and all of them were appropriately impressed by the alliance's historic accomplishment and determination.

Finally, the time came for the eviction ceremony, and both Tiffany and Hannah used their appeals to share their love for their fellow remaining houseguests.

"Our display of Black excellence and achievement will forever solidify our names together as a legacy in this game. And for that I am honored," Tiffany shared. "Good luck houseguests."

"I don't know who will win this game but I am sure of one thing -- it will be one of you," she added with a laugh.

Hannah echoed that sentiment, sharing, "We did exactly what we came to do and it has been the ultimate and utmost honor to have played alongside you guys."

After the votes were cast, the eviction played out exactly how everyone predicted. By a vote of 3-0, Tiffany got the boot.

After a brief exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, the final five were all summoned to the living room, and there was a palpable sense of dread. That fear was realized when Julie broke the news that tonight would actually be a double eviction and they'd all now have to do a week's worth of game play in one hour.

With the clock ticking, the four eligible houseguests faced off in a competition that involved rolling balls down a path onto a patch of grass. The first challenge saw Azah and Xavier come out on top, meaning the second part came down to the two of them trying the challenge again. This time, Azah emerged victorious and secured her Head of Household title.

Quickly meeting with the houseguests in the house bathroom, she met with Hannah first, and told her that she would be putting her on the block as a pawn to force Xavier out. Hannah -- who had just been on the block minutes earlier -- was understandably unhappy with this plan, but didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

So, for the second time in as many hours, Hannah found herself on the block, this time against Xavier, and much more in jeopardy than when she was sitting there across from Tiffany.

Hannah's best (and seemingly only) chance to save herself came with the new Veto competition. The houseguests went head-to-head in a memory challenge that required them to remember things past houseguests had said during the course of the season.

It was a heated challenge, and Hannah did her best to hang in there, but the whole thing came down to a tie breaker between Kyland and Xavier -- who, again, have a final two pact -- and Xavier earned the Power of Veto. This was not the situation Hannah would have ever wanted to be in.

Despite Hannah's pleas to consider what's best for their own personal game, both Derek and Xavier cast their votes for Hannah, sending her packing and tipping the scales in favor of an all-male final three, with Azah as the last remaining female houseguest.

Derek and Azah are brought to tears after Hannah's departure, and there's a palpable tension in the room before Hannah's exit interview with Julie.

"I think that for her own game, Azah should have kept me," Hannah shared, reflecting on her own elimination. "I do still believe that the guys are working together, even if they don't have a final three. I think they've maybe made an agreement to protect each other and look out for each other in this game. So for Azah's personal game, I believe that she should have kept me."

She also opened up about her time in The Cookout, and whether or not it was hard to keep the alliance intact while also trying to keep an eye on her own potential path to victory.

"There were moments that were challenging, such as me having a hand in sending Derex X home and sending Claire home," she explained. "However, there were no ifs, ands or buts about it -- The Cookout always came first. And even though I am sitting out here and I came in fifth place this season, I feel like a winner. I'm proud to say that because of me, and five other people, there will be a Black winner of Big Brother U.S. for the first time in history."

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