Billy Crudup and 'Hello Tomorrow! Cast Tease 'Ominous' Dark Turn in Apple TV Plus Series (Exclusive)

The retro dystopian series premieres Feb. 17.

All is not what it seems on Apple TV+'s sci-fi retro-futuristic dramedy, Hello Tomorrow!

The upcoming series, led by The Morning Show's Billy Crudup, follows Jack Billings -- a talented, ambitious, ruthless salesman -- who leads a team of salespeople made up of "misfits and vagabonds" as they try to shill timeshares for a property on the moon called Brightside. While all may seem fine and dandy on the surface, in ET's exclusive first look behind the curtain of the show, there is far more sinister agenda at play.

"It's the land of opportunity. Americans promising more than we can deliver, that's the center of Hello Tomorrow!" Crudup previews. "They're giving people an opportunity to hope for a better future."

Meanwhile, co-star Jacki Weaver, who plays Barbara Billings, says the show is a case study in the American dream "and how askew it can go."

"The beginning of the show is defined by such optimism," actor Nicholas Podany, who plays Joey Shorter says, "and then very quickly it is made clear there is a lot more ominous undertones."

"I found it incredibly entertaining to imagine a world that's talking about the spirit of American salesmanship, that sense of hopefulness, as lie upon lie becomes to crumble down," Crudup adds, as scenes of Jack's seemingly perfect utopia begins to crack. "I've never seen it put on page before."

As the truth starts spilling out, Hank Azaria, who plays Eddie, says ultimately Hello Tomorrow! asks the important questions people deal with every day: "What's the truth? What's a lie? What do I actually believe in?"

Haneefah Wood, Alison Pill, Dewshane Williams and Matthew Maher round out the ensemble.

Co-created by Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen, the series is produced by MRC Television. Stephen Falk, Jonathan Entwistle, Bhalla and Jansen serve as executive producers alongside Crudup. Additionally, Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil and Noah Weinstein serve as executive producers.

Hello Tomorrow! drops its first three episodes Friday, Feb. 17 on Apple TV+, followed by new episodes weekly through April 7.