Billy Eichner Reveals His Dating Deal Breaker at ‘Bros’ Premiere (Exclusive)

'Bros' hits theaters September 30.

When it comes to dating, Billy Eichner has his list of deal breakers. ET spoke to Eichner at the premiere of his new rom-com, Bros, where he shared what he won't put up with in his own dating life.

"Oh man, people trying really hard to be funny," Eichner said was his top deal breaker. "If you're not a funny person, that's fine, just be your authentic self."

"I'm not always that funny either," he added. "But we all have our good days and our bad days."

While we live in an age of Internet dating, Eichner called it "terrible" that we all meet on our phones, telling ET that he'd much rather meet someone in person than over a screen.

Much like Eichner, his character in the film, Luke, is disenchanted by the process of looking for love, and the difficulties of finding a partner to go through life with.

Bros -- the first gay romantic comedy released by a major studio -- not only hilariously takes viewers through that journey, but features a cast almost entirely made up of out LGBTQ actors, from Eichner and Luke Macfarlane to Harvey Fierstein, Bowen Yang and more.  

"Yes, the movie is historic in certain ways, but for me and Judd Apatow and Nick Stoller who I made the movie with, those guys have made some of the best comedies ever made -- Bridesmaids and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up -- and we just wanted to make a hilarious movie, because we've never gotten a movie like that about a gay couple and about LGBTQ people," Eichner explained.

"It's exciting for us. It's exciting for straight people," he continued. "It's something new, and something fresh, while also giving you all the elements of a great Apatow movie that you've always loved."

Bros isn't the only new release Eichner is touting. In promotion of his film, Eichner released a new episode of Billy on the Street for the first time in three years

Starring Paul Rudd, the nearly three-minute episode features Rudd and Eichner running around New York City demanding straight people see Bros. After all that time away, Eichner said he couldn't think of a better reason to bring back the show.

"People have been asking me about bringing Billy on the Street back for a while," Eichner said. "Obviously, during the height of COVID, we couldn't do it. I also needed a break from it, I've done it a long time, but people are excited about Bros, and I figured this was the best time to bring it back. Billy on the Street's a New York show, Bros is a movie that takes place in New York, Paul Rudd is one of the best Billy on Street guests we ever had, so, we were so fortunate that he came back to do it, and it's online everywhere, people are very excited."

"And it's cool," he added, "'cause for years, I've shouted about other actors and their movies, and now I get to shout about my own movie."

Bros hits theaters Sept. 30.