'Black Panther' Star Danai Gurira Shares Wild Story About What Happened to Her After Film's Debut (Exclusive)

The 40-year-old also revealed that she hasn't reconnected with her cast since the movie was released.

Danai Gurira is still soaking in all her newfound fame.

The Black Panther star chatted with ET's Kevin Frazier at Alfre Woodard’s 9th Annual Sistahs Soirée at the Beverly Wilshire on Wednesday about the overwhelming success of the latest Marvel superhero flick.

"It's not something you can ever anticipate," the 40-year-old actress expressed. "What's been beautiful is really connecting with people who are resonating with it, that are even healing sometimes and edifying, and they are finding out [that] they want to reclaim things and re-realize things."

"You start having these really beautiful conversations with people who watched it and want to talk," she continued. "Just seeing that sort of impact with something I get to be a part of."

Meanwhile after spending months together on the press tour, Gurira said that she hasn't reunited with her Black Panther cast since the film's premiere.

"We're kinda scattered. We're all over the place in different places now, but it would be really exciting to reconnect," she said. Although, Gurira did recall a wild story that happened after the South African premiere.

"Me and Lupita [Nyong'o] were in South Africa. We were there the day [Black Panther] opened here and we had an amazing time," she explained. "But then I took a couple days before I came back. It was kind of like a safari lodge place and I wanted a balcony. So I was up on the 10th floor on the balcony, more like a hotel. Then, I'm, like, so tired. I'm lying sleeping in the afternoon taking a nap and some crazy stuff starts happening on my balcony and it's a big ol' baboon! And I'm just fighting to keep the door shut and calling security, going, 'Help me!'"

"I don't have my spear, y'all!" she said with a laugh. "But it was definitely a real moment in the midst of it all."

Walt Disney / Dominic Barnardt

Black Panther has been heating up the box office. On Thursday, the movie became the 17th highest domestic release in only 13 days, grossing $763.3 million, according to Variety.

Just last week, the superhero film's director, Ryan Coogler, wrote an emotional note thanking everyone for their unconditional support.

For more on the stellar cast and the film, watch below.