Blake Lively Says She Was Teased as a Child for Being Tall With "Yellow" Hair

Blake Lively
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The 30-year-old actress posted an Instagram photo of herself with Big Bird from 'Sesame Street,' saying children used to call her that same name because she was tall and blonde.

Even Blake Lively wasn't immune from name-calling as a child.

The 30-year-old actress, fresh off an appearance on Sesame Street, posted a cute Instagram picture of herself with Big Bird, revealing that when she was young, she was teased for being tall and having "yellow" hair.

"Still geeking out?. Kids used to make fun of me in elementary school by calling me Big Bird (because I was “too tall” and had “yellow” hair)," she wrote on Instagram. "Here’s to making best buddies with the things that once hurt you ??"

Lively recently made her debut on Sesame Street, posting a silly little gif of her and several Muppets dancing, with the caption, "Finally. I have friends."

It's hard to imagine today anyone making fun of the statuesque Hollywood star. Aside from being an accomplished actress in her own right, she's married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. She also just dropped 61 pounds after giving birth to her second daughter, Ines, in September 2016 (the couple also have a 3-year-old daughter, James). And she's now getting shout-outs from the Sesame Street gang on Twitter.

Besides, Big Bird is the coolest, anyway, what with his casual hanging out with Michelle ObamaJimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, to name just a few.

For a bit more on the type of company Lively now keeps, watch the fun video below.